Nicole Sebergandio/Courier Todd Banks’ “The Waste Parade” is a zero-waste art installation that uses mostly found free post consumer waste materials, blending an homage to the Tournament of Roses Parade with a message that sustainability can be fun. The installation sits along the Big Bang Theory Way in Old Town Pasadena on Saturday May 12th 2018.
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Despite the misty air and dark skies on Saturday afternoon, the artists who participated in the BoldPas event did not let that deter them from their art installations all around Old Town Pasadena.

BoldPas, an art takeover of Old Town, was a temporary art installation that occupied 13 designated locations in the historic alleyways. In addition, over 25 businesses participated in the event as “art stops”. These art stops consisted of activities such as live painting, galleries and children’s craft activities.

There was not a designated starting point so you were free to start where ever you please, or where you could find a parking spot which is always tight in Old Town. However, on the plus side, there are two convenient metro gold line stations in Old Town making it easy to get there without the hassle of driving and finding parking.

A piece that stood out the most was the Waste Parade by Todd Bank. The piece is modeled after the world-famous Tournament of the Roses, but what makes his art unique from the flower covered floats is the fact that Bank’s floats are covered in non-recybible material and waste. His purpose behind the piece is to raise awareness about the waste of reusable material being dumped into landfills.

Bank states in a description of the art piece, “An urban alleyway is a perfect place for discussing important waste material issues, including the management of trash/recyclables and for displaying new contemporary ideas such as sustainable art.”

The floats were very articulate and well thought out. Bank used specific materials for certain floats such as bottles cans. He even color coordinated some of the floats as well.

One of the more interactive installations at the event was the Haiku Garden. The Haiku Garden consisted of a few poets with typewriters creating content to “plant” into the pots of soil surrounding the tent. The paper that they use to write the haikus can be planted in soil and if taken care of properly, it will grow into a plant. Leah Clancy, the organizer of this installation, is passionate about writing and wants people to have a different view of poetry and the way we consume it.

“I want to bring more poetry into the world,” Clancy stated, excitedly.

One of the many art stops at BoldPas was the Peekaboo Gallery which gave a sneak peak at their upcoming exhibition 25¢ a Play: The Art of the Videocade. It will be open to the public on May 26th and will be free. The arcade themed exhibit will have all original video game consoles from the 70s and 80s, pop art and artifacts. Mayor Terry Tornek will be at the grand opening for a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“We are going to have the best condition machines you’ve ever seen,” said Matt Kennedy, gallery director at Peekaboo Gallery.

BoldPas was a unique way to bring in Pasadenans and other locals to experience Old Town and outdoor art at the same time. Maybe next time the weather will bring in a larger crowd that BoldPas was possibly expecting.

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