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The club’s of PCC put on the Spring Virtual Club Rush throughout March, displaying resilience amid the global pandemic.

The PCC website showcased a variety of different clubs, featuring categories like Affinity and Advocacy, Business and Career, Honor and Transfer, Social and Volunteer and STEM. Each category was equipped with a recorded Zoom call featuring a representative from each club. Each representative answered questions about their clubs and why students should join.

Due to the pandemic, PCC students are unable to interact on campus, having to meet virtually and make adjustments to club events. Students are finding ways to work around COVID-19 restrictions.

“One of the things we loved doing was bringing our club members to medical conferences at UCs or other universities,” said Casey Chantrapanichkul, President of the Caduceus Club. “We’re going to try to connect our club members with those virtual conferences as much as we can.”

Other clubs like the Third Wave Feminism club, which looks at world issues through the lens of women empowerment and activism, are using their meetings as an outlet to express themselves during this unprecedented time.

“Kind of what we realize through these Zoom board meetings from once I started joining the club is that we’ve created this little micro community in a few months of just logging on and just laughing and having a good time,” said member Taylor Eacuello. “I think one of the best things about an organization that has a pretty strong message or a pretty strong hint of activism is you want it to be part of your life.”

Although PCC clubs are currently different from past years, students are connecting virtually to help make a positive impact during difficult times. Circle K International, a club that focuses on community service and leadership, has focused much of their time on this.

“Some of our officers have done a lot of really great research into things they can do online,” said Audrey Abbott, member of Circle K International. “For example, there’s a lot of organizations and programs where you can write thank-you cards to essential workers or to healthcare workers, given that they’ve been doing such an amazing job during this time.”

For more information about PCC clubs, visit the virtual club rush.

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