Students at several UC campuses returned to in-person instruction on Monday, Jan. 31, which created some tension with some students. Although UC schools put into place mask mandates and testing standards to ensure student safety, students organized protests and staged walkouts. Students made sure to voice their disagreement with their school’s decision to return to campus, claiming it is too early to be back in person.

Sound Familiar?

Though walkouts were not organized, the return to PCC campus caused some tension amongst the students, and faculty stated that it was too early for in-person learning

“It seems a little unfair[“..,]Emily Sanchez stated,some professors are lenient and others are not. Some professors are not doing their job [by not] telling students class is canceled,” PCC student Emilia Sanchez said. “I do think it is really early to be back …. “PCC is contradicting themselves”. They are not being advocated for by our students.”

With Omicron case spiking and it being so contagious it raised concern. Faculty and students organized protests, demanding consideration and extending online learning.

Since the declared date of returning to school, UCLA students have opted to hold a sit-in in Murphy Hall.

“They are not being cooperative, the UCLA administration, have been negligent and dismissive of the student body,” Mellisa Morales, a UCLA student, remarked.

Despite the fact that these demonstrations and scheduled walkouts were postponed until this past Monday, Feb. 7, 2022.

Other universities like UC Davis have also joined the return to in-person learning. Students have not been as vocal in their opposition, but they are frustrated with instructors who are not adapting to the risk of spread from newer covid variants and taking their lessons into account.

“Professors aren’t recording their lectures, and some students aren’t able to return due to how contagious covid is,” said Lusineh Manasyan, a UC Davis student.

UC Davis has implemented protocols requiring students to do Covid testing every 10 days. Very different from PCCs “mandatory weekly covid testing” and the every 72 hours negative covid test.

UCI on the other hand has decided to take a different approach according to their official twitter page they are requiring a daily symptom checker, stay home if sick, mandated spontaneous testing and required booster shot.

“I’ve seen some students organize a protest against in-person learning, with the posting of fliers around campus, but the protest was medium sized,” Cristian Cervera, a UC Irvine student said.

“We test on a monthly or quarterly basis, and we have a schedule for us to be able to follow the protocols.”

Though California State Universities so far have not begun their in person learning yet, universities like CSUN according to their school site are scheduled to return to in person learning on Feb.14, 2022.

PCC return to in person learning on Monday January 31, was anything but smooth. There was no doubt that PCC endured many difficulties on their first week back. Students, faculty, and staff all expressed issues with testing lines being three hours long, results not being provided on time, or in-person learning in general, and for some, all of the above! With PCC campus requiring a mandatory negative covid test within 72 hours to be allowed on campus, testing procedures were hectic.

It appears that PCC is not alone in experiencing chaos during the first week of in-person learning. It is apparent that other colleges/universities are not immune to the degree of discord caused by this pandemic. With mandated testing and mask regulations being integrated into the curriculum, students, staff, and instructors are seeing what the new normal looks like this school year.


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