Xavier Zamora/Courier A damaged PCC Police SUV sits outside of the automotive garage of the IT Building at Pasadena City College on Thursday, February 25, 2021. A man suspected of being under the influence of PCP, stole the police cruiser leading Pasadena police on a chase before the crash.

A naked man believed to be under the influence of PCP stole a PCC campus police vehicle and led Pasadena police on a chase before crashing into a building Thursday night, Feb. 18.

The man was arrested by Pasadena police and later identified as 45-year-old Shawn Aguilar, a transient, Pasadena police Lt. Anthony Burgess told Pasadena Star News.

PCC police were on campus when they witnessed a pickup truck driving illegally on Green St. Campus police proceeded to follow the car in two different PCCPD vehicles and caught up to him in the Office Depot parking lot on Colorado Blvd, said PCC spokesperson Alex Boekelheide.

In the Office Depot parking lot, campus police witnessed a man and a woman close to the pickup truck. They determined the man, Aguilar, was driving the vehicle, and the woman appeared to be in danger.

Aguilar did not start off naked when the pursuit began. It was not until campus police began to question Aguilar that he started to remove his clothing.

“Under questioning [Aguilar] grew increasingly agitated and hostile removing his clothing and repeatedly threatening violence,” said Boekelheide.

Campus police tried using pepper spray to subdue Aguilar while calling Pasadena PD for backup.

“As the altercation got increasingly physical, the suspect gained access to a PCCPD SUV and drove the vehicle away from the scene,” said Boekelheide.

Police officers chased Aguilar, but the wild joy ride was put to a halt when Aguilar lost control and slammed the SUV into a building.

“The suspect tried to turn a corner too fast and hit the front of a building, disabling the car,” a news crew told Pasadena Now.

The suspect was screaming and struggling with police and paramedics while being treated, the news crew told Pasadena Now. Officers deployed a spit hood on the suspect, a mesh hood used on detainees that spit at responders.

Before the car theft, Aguilar had allegedly attacked his girlfriend after taking PCP, Burgess told Pasadena Now.

He is charged with suspicion of domestic violence, grand theft auto, multiple traffic infractions and felony evading, Burgess told Pasadena Star.


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