Congratulations Rams!

The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals this past Sunday in the Super Bowl. The organization won its second Super Bowl, 22 years and two cities apart. It’s truly impressive because the Dodgers won in 2020 and the Lakers won in 2020. There has been a lot of Los Angeles sports pride the past few years. Many fans expected the Rams to step up and win in 2020, but they had a lackluster season and were booted out of the playoffs by the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round.

The Rams have many questions about its roster moving forward (Odell Beckham, Jr. and Von Miller), but let’s ask ourselves another important question.

Are the Rams now L.A.’s team? Do we like them? Or do we love them?

Prior to the Rams relocating back to Los Angeles, that title has been shared by the San Francisco 49ers, the tri-city Raiders, and the Cowboys. That’s why Rams fans were outnumbered 65% to 35% when they played the Cowboys in during the 2019 season. They’ve also been outnumbered by the 49ers multiple times, regardless of the odds and the implications of the game.

But here is the positive.

Winning solves everything. Especially in Los Angeles!

The thing that every franchise in Los Angeles should know or consider is that there is no loyalty in Los Angeles. As much as the L.A. Rams were a Hollywood story of Matthew Stafford, moving from the lowly Detroit Lions, Los Angelino’s will leave you as soon as you lose. We won’t get into the why but there is no doubt that once you start losing, there are other things to do. There’s the year round 70 degree weather, the amusement parks, the beach, the mountain trails, the snow, the shows, the cuisine, etc. etc. etc. The list just goes on and on. Basically, if you don’t win, we’re not coming.

Let’s use the Clippers as an example. When the Clippers were known as a terrible franchise, they turned off the lights at the Staples Center to hide the empty seats from the televised audience. As soon as Chris Paul was traded to the Clippers (after a botched trade by the Lakers I might add), and teamed up with Blake Griffin, Lob City was born, and the lights came back on.

All of a sudden it seemed like the Clippers had fans. They came out of the woodwork like cavemen walking into the sunlight after a long winter. With Los Angelino money, they bought jerseys and started chanting loud enough that they could be heard over the television.

So now is the perfect time to ask the question. Are the Los Angeles Rams beloved in Los Angeles? Will they be a one-hit wonder or is this team capable of winning again. Because we all know what happened to the L.A. Kings once they took a nosedive into purgatory.

I suspect that this team will take a backseat to the rest of the NFC West, but I hope I’m wrong. They still need a true fan base. Los Angeles was unable to crack the top 10 cities that watched the Super Bowl, while Cincinnati ranked number one and the last place Jacksonville rounded out the top 10.

So while Matthew Stafford finishes up his bottle of 1942 tequila, I hope he’s ready to get back into the gym. Los Angeles media and fans are a lot more harsh than the city of Detroit. Let’s not forget that the L.A. Chargers have a budding young superstar quarterback, Justin Herbert. They could always try to usurp the Rams.

So, if the Rams want to be beloved in Los Angeles, they better prove it. Again. Again. And again.

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