Imagination is something that kids have within them and let it run wild. As they get older, certain events in their life may cause a darkness to outshine that imagination. “Wonder Park” is an animation movie that shows kids and even adults of all ages that they are always going to be surrounded by a cloud of darkness. It is there to remind them that the light that is within them is more powerful and will outshine the darkness.

The movie begins with June, played by Brianna Denski and her mother, played by Jennifer Garner imagining and creating this amusement park known as Wonder Park. They both use their imagination to create the rides for the amusement park by telling a stuffed monkey named Peanut who is played by Norbert Leo Butz to do so.

As time goes by June’s mother gets terribly ill. June’s mother was the one who always whispered into Peanut’s ear to create the new inventions that were being told to him with his magic marker. While June’s mother goes away she feels that she is not brave enough to do what her mother does. That is when the darkness takes over.

As kids get older and enter adulthood they become busier than ever with whatever occupies their life, such as kids, family, or work that their imagination and the light that was once in them either starts to fizzle away or goes dark completely.

June finds that out the hard way.

As she is trying to find her way home, she comes across an old roller coaster car and climbs inside. She finally finds herself in an abandoned amusement park and realizes that it’s Wonder Park but there is something different about it. The park no longer has the wonder that is once had. The rides are falling apart, everything is covered in vines and there is a cloud of darkness hovering above it like a vortex and an army of chimpanzombies has taken over.

June comes across her lovable park characters, but one of them is missing. Peanut is out hiding because the voice that once told him to create the inventions is no longer there. June realizes that because she had put all her creativity and imagination aside the park is falling because of her. It is now up to her to fix the park.

Everyone needs that little voice inside of them to give them that push. To remind them that no matter how old they get or whatever bad event that occurs in their life they have to keep that light inside of them alive. June is the wonder in wonder park but by no longer paying attention to it, she let it fall apart.

June and her loveable creatures do get the park up and running again. There’s a line in the movie that stand out the most and that is when June says “ Maybe the darkness will go away because it’s a reminder that the light is alway there.”

“Wonder Park” is a feel good family movie. There is a saying that goes “There’s light at the end of the tunnel,” and June found that light.

The movie embarks on the message that do not let the darkness take over your light. Instead make it a reminder that there is always a light the will outshine that darkness.

“Wonder Park” hits the box office March 15.

Rating 9.5/10


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