American diner classics have now arrived in Pasadena, and there are many unique items their menu has to offer.

Having only two of the three cash registers in service, I was quite surprised with how quickly the line advanced. Even though it was my first time at The Stand, I didn’t have any difficulty with the menu since it was displayed both on a large screen and on individual flyers.

All of the items on the menu are divided into categories: Stand Burger, Stand-wiches, Stand Salads, Loaded Fries, Stand Dog, Sausage Creation, Dessert, Kids Deal, Beverages. The menu also lists a variety of sides which include veggie options.

“The Stand Burger is the most sold item from the menu, because it’s a simple burger, and some people are afraid to try something out of the ordinary,” said Aubree Wilson, the store manager.

John Chaides / Courier
The Buffalo Chicken Standwich is one item on the menu at The Stand in Pasadena, taken on Tuesday, September 19, 2017. The Stand has been open since 2003 and offers a variety of foods.

Afterwards, Wilson recommended I order one of her two favorite items on the menu: the Porchetta Cubano or the Buffalo Chicken.

I got the Buffalo Chicken, which was $9.83, a bit too expensive for it not being a combo. It consisted of a marinated grilled chicken breast, fire sauce, slaw, blue cheese vinaigrette and chips, all inside gourmet bakery buns.

I thought the Buffalo Chicken sandwich was going to be overpowered by the buffalo sauce, to the point that the vinaigrette was very minimal in taste, but I was actually surprised that in every bite, I could taste all of the ingredients. It didn’t feel like a heavy meal, nor anything close to fast-food.

The grilled chicken was very tender, juicy and easy to cut through, as it was marinated with buffalo sauce. The blue cheese vinaigrette was drizzled inside the sandwich and it gave the chicken more of a buttery flavor. The chips inside the burger were lightly salted and didn’t get soggy even though it touched the buffalo sauce, the blue cheese vinaigrette and the slaw. I would definitely give this sandwich an A.

Indie pop music played softly in the background while the glorious sound of “order up” made it feel very cozy.

Strategically, the dining area has a television hung on a orange painted wall. Orange is used by many restaurants because it’s a color that is suppose to make you hungry, and boy it did!

The following quote in the dining area reads “American classics redefined. We stand for people with passion. Slow cooked, served quick. Local food made with purpose. Committed to community.” The best thing yet is that this restaurant has all gender restrooms.

Diosaline Arrieta, a non-local of the Pasadena area, traveled all the way from the Inland Empire to try The Stand after hearing its buzz from Yelp.

She ordered the Chicken Club sandwich, which contains the marinated chicken, bacon, avocado, arugula, roasted tomatoes, and sweet chili aioli, all inside the gourmet bakery bun.

“If I could describe the sandwich in one word it would be, creative,” Arrieta said. “It has a very unique presentation, and the menu is filled with combinations you wouldn’t normally combine.”

Since its grand opening earlier this year, The Stand has gained loyal customers. While waiting in line I had the pleasure to meet the Rodriquez family from Arcadia who were kind enough to tell me that they plan “The Stand Saturdays” with their family whenever they’ve had a stressful week and just want to hang out at a nice family friendly restaurant.

Discounts are very important when it comes to food—so important that The Stand has a free membership called The Stand Card that you can obtain at the register. It will give you a 5 percent  instant discount on all foods and special members-only beer and wine pricing.

On Sundays from 3 p.m. to closing time kids get 50 percent off on their meal. School fundraisers can be booked with The Stand through their website and 15-20 percent (or more) of the event proceeded will be donated to the cause. The great thing is that you can also order delivery, order a pick up, or hire them to cater your next event.

The Stand has an industrial decor interior design but will make you feel as if you’re in an all American diner, with friendly staff, quick services, and a creative menu that will satisfy the pickiest eater.

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