Over this past weekend, the Cookie Cutter dance show made it’s way down from the Bay Area to Southern California.

“Cookie Cutter”, originally produced a year ago in Berkeley by the Ka-nei-see collective, was immensely popular in the Bay Area where it sold out every show.

“We got some great reviews, we decided we wanted to share the show as well, so we decided to bring it down to Southern California … Up in the Bay Area we have a name, we have a following, we have a lot of friends and family, and we get quite a few people to our shows, and it really is exciting for us to come down here and have the same sort of support and love from the community here,” Tanya Chianese, Artistic Director for “Cookie Cutter,” said.

Coming from a dance background, Chianese wanted to prove contemporary dance can be viewed in a new way and be taken away from its stereotypes using the figurative idea of cookie cutters.

Chianese explained the show “Cookie Cutter” consists of a string of vignettes depicting comments or ideas leading back to the term cookie cutter.

The dancers moved around 400 actual cookie cutters on stage, using them as props or creating scenes with them.

Each vignette was composed of a specific theme, ranging from a lighthearted Cookie Monster piece to spreading awareness about water usage in California.

The show also touched on familial love, attributing cookies with celebrations and comfort within relationships.

Chianese herself found her passion for dancing at the age of 8 and began her professional dancing career in college. Chianese attended University of Oklahoma, earning degrees in both modern dance and art history.

“Performing art anywhere is always exhilarating and always an incredible experience!” Chianese said.

The show was held at the Lineage Performing Arts Center in Pasadena. The venue itself holds about 80 to 100 people. The production accommodated the audiences by providing cookies at the reception.

Although there was no further “Cookie Cutter” productions announced after the show, Chianese said there will be other smaller shows performing in San Francisco until their next home season show named “Readymade.”

Additional information regarding future shows can be found at www.kaneisee.org

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