Last year, on a chilly December morning, a line stretched out the TOMS Headquarters. Among the line stood young teens and adults waiting to check into the first ever Teen Vogue Summit and get their day started.

Since then, Teen Vogue has held two more Summits, one of them happening this week on November 30th and December 1st.

From workshop immersions, to guest speakers, to building connections with people from around the country, The Teen Vogue Summit is supporting young teens and adults of different ages to create change in their local communities.

The Courier recently had the opportunity to reach out to the Executive Editor at Teen Vogue, Samhita Mukhopadhyay, and ask a couple of questions about this year’s Summit.


C: Though it is modeled like a typical conference, the Teen Vogue Summit differs in that it helps show young teens/adults how to manage different kinds of businesses through business tours and guest speaker events. How did you come about creating the Teen Vogue Summit? What are some qualities that differentiate you from other conferences such as Politicon?

TV: The Teen Vogue Summit is different from traditional conferences in that it is geared towards young people (Gen Z). And rather than just a series of talks and panels, it includes several interactive sessions, so it really feels like an experience rather than a conference.

C: This will be the third Summit happening. How does this Summit differ from the previous two? What are some changes that have been made to the event? What are some things that stayed the same?

TV: Each Teen Vogue Summit is different by design, so it is to be expected that each one will be programmed based on the current cultural and political moment and what we think is relevant to our audience at the time. This Summit is definitely a little bit more interactive than our NY Summit and is focused more on general interest and careers, whereas the June event was more focused on key issues of the midterm elections.

C: Each Summit has focused on different political factors in the United States. Now that the General/Midterm elections are over, what will you be focusing on this Summit in terms of inspiring young teens and adults how to get involved in their communities?

TV: This Summit is focused on careers and industries that are of interest to our audience (tech, fashion, beauty, entertainment). Of course, we retain our interests in politics and identity based on our panelists and the topics we are focused on for each conversation.

C: The last two Summits have taken place in major cities like Los Angeles and New York. How do you reach other young folks that live in different cities around the United States?

TV: We want as many of our readers as possible to experience Teen Vogue live and in person. Over the past two years, we’ve held Meetup events in other cities across the country, and continue to look for ways to expand and bring the Summit experience to reach even more markets.

C: Diversity is a big topic that has been focused on in the past two Summits. Why is it important to focus on diversity in these conferences? How do you ensure that those who feel marginalized are welcomed at the Summit?

TV: It is about more than diversity, this is really about inclusion and making sure our Summit speaks to the world around us which is diverse and dynamic.

C: The guest speakers range from celebrities to young adults featured in Teen Vogue’s 21 under 21. What is the process to choosing guest speakers? What specific characteristics do you look for in guest speakers?

TV: We look for dynamic speakers, people who have done something special and/or newsworthy, who have something exciting to share. And of course, we look for speakers that can share experiences our audience will benefit from hearing about.

C: This event is catered to young teens/adults. Why should they attend the Teen Vogue Summit? What will they gain from this experience?

TV: Attendees will build relationships and connections that will help them for years to come, along with experiencing and being inspired by some of the best people in their respective industries. Also, you will get some great SWAG bags!

The Teen Vogue Summit will take place on Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st. You can purchase tickets at and use the discount code PCC50 at purchase to get 50% off any Teen Vogue Summit ticket.

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