Pasadena is full of little gems and treasures and Superba Snacks + Coffee is definitely one of them. Their name does not disappoint as they have a variety of snacks and beverages to choose from.

The cafe itself is open, allowing a fresh breeze to circulate throughout the seating area. In front of the counter, there is an island with simple to-go snack options, such as chips as well as a fridge stocked with sparkling waters, pressed juices and other beverages, allowing customers to easily grab and go.

This location opened late September and is an extension of their two main locations in El Segundo and Venice Beach. However, the location in Pasadena is a more condensed, cafe version. Superba offers free wi-fi which is a major plus for any college student looking for a place to grab a bite and study.

Choosing an item off their menu is slightly overwhelming because everything sounds and looks delicious. I went with their avocado toast and an iced matcha latte.

Their avocado toast was jam packed with flavor and texture. Their house made bread was chewy on the inside, crispy on the outside and absolutely worth every carbohydrate. The avocado was topped with some fresh greens, pickled red onion and ninja radish which added the perfect amount of acidity and crunch. Oftentimes, avocado toast can land pretty flat but, Superba really hit the nail on the head with this toast. It’s worth noting that the toast only cost six bucks, which is almost unheard of in LA these days.

I was hesitant to try their iced matcha latte as they can sometimes taste unbearably sweet, but I was pleasantly surprised by the subtle sweetness and full matcha flavor. They did not skimp one bit. They carry almond, oat, and hemp milk for those who are lactose intolerant, vegan or just appreciate a good dairy alternative.

After a satisfying bite, I caved into trying one of their baked goods. I simply couldn’t resist. They have cookies, loafs, croissants and even homemade poptarts. I tried their take on an oatmeal cookie which was basically just an oatmeal cookie with tons of different seeds, and I mean that in the best way. It was crumbly and buttery and really hit the spot.

If you’re looking for something relaxed, simple and not super pricey then you should definitely check out Superba Snacks + Coffee. It’s a superb way to grab some lunch and study in the open air.


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