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Jay Gedorio, Chemistry, listens to music while he studies on his laptop in the Shatford Library. On Sept 14.

Many students depend on the tunes streaming from their iPods as an aid in keeping them focused while studying.

It takes only a few steps on campus to notice the innumerable students working on their laptops writing papers, reading books, and studying for exams all the while having their headphones glued to their ears. The idea that listening to music while studying serves as a way to remain better focused is unmistakable on a stroll through campus.

Not everyone, however  on campus is on board the music-makes-me-study-better bandwagon. Performing and Communication Arts Instructor, Steven Gates, has a different take on this concept.

“[Students] probably shouldn’t be listening to music if they’re trying to study,” says Gates.

Listening to music while studying does not strike Gates as the best idea. “Some people claim to do better when they have external noise, but for me, personally, I need silence,” says Gates.

Country seems to be a popular genre of music among students trying to concentrate. “I like the songs,” said Duong Le, Computer Science. “It relaxes me and makes me think better.”

The country trend, however, does not stop at a single student. “It helps… If I don’t have music I get easily distracted,” says Jay Gedorio, Chemistry. “I find that it calms me down and helps me concentrate.”

Student Breana Escobedo, Psychology, says, “It puts me on that state of mind.”

Other genres are also being taken into consideration in the quest for better concentration. “I listen to indie, rock, and folk,” says Andrea Cavillo, Animal Science. “It’s only when I’m reading that I need complete silence. Otherwise, I need some background noise to help me focus.”

Other students do not have any preference for music they listen to when studying. “Any kind. Whatever I’m in the mood for,” says Michael Calderon, Mechanical Engineering. “It keeps me focused, but it can be distracting if I’m reading or trying to memorize something.”

Gates has this to say for those who absolutely need background noise while their nose is buried in school work: “Anything that puts them in a good place.”

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