With PCC’s fall session partly on campus, coffee is a necessary routine for many students. Local cafes near the campus can offer students a place to study as well as get that extra help with waking up.

“I drink relentless amounts of coffee. It’s probably about a 4 to 1 coffee to water ratio throughout my normal day,” junior Rio Lopez said.

There are several options near campus that students like Rio can go to get their caffeine fix.

Car Artisan Chocalate Manufactory and Cafe, a new coffee shop that opened last March, specializes in fair trade, in house chocolate manufacturing in a cafe setting. Less than a 15 minute walk from campus, students can enjoy signature pastries and drinks made in house daily with Car’s very own chocolate.

“We directly source cacao that we roast and aside from it being directly sourced, we pay premiums. So we are paying above fair trade, so it is sustainable,” owner Harris Car said.

Car’s Choco-latte is a decadent delight, with a mixture of chocolate and coffee in a classic latte style drink, rich with flavor. Located at 1009 East Colorado Blvd, Car Artisan Chocolate Manufactory is offering students 10 percent off their first drink.

South of Colorado Blvd on Lake Ave nestled in the courtyard behind Lemonade is Philz Coffee. Philz has indoor and shaded outdoor seating if students want to connect to the coffee shop’s free WiFi while they catch up on schoolwork.

“Phil loved experimenting with blends because it brought together different cultures and flavors. That love continues today, as our drinks continue to inspire new connections and possibilities,” the Philz website states.

Philz signature drink is the cafe mojito, served iced with real mint leaves and a frothy milk top. The cafe also offers pastries as a sweet treat to pair with their drinks.

If students want to stay local to the PCC, Milkcow Cafe is directly across the street from campus on Colorado Blvd. between Harkness and Marion Ave. 

Milkcow specializes in ice cream confections served in a cup with unique ingredients that range from cookie crumbles to cotton candy. The shop also serves delicious coffee drinks, such as the coconut cafe latte. Customers can order their drinks on a touch screen device near the counter and they will receive a text when the drink is ready. 

The seating for Milkcow is located indoors as well as umbrella shaded outdoor seating in the rear. The shop does not open until 2 o’clock but it does stay open until 9. This gives students the opportunity to get a boost later in the evening if need be.Students have the choice of either Car’s or Philz guilt free sustainable coffee or the more local Milkcow. Whatever the choice may be, it is sure to fulfill the need for caffeine.


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