If you are looking to have an adventure in Candyland, then Rocket Fizz is the place for you.

Candy shops have been bringing joy to people for many years and for good reason. Who doesn’t love candy? Candy is one of the few universal items that we as a species can identify with and share with each other. Rocket Fizz does that in spades with an almost overwhelming selection of candy from around the world, and let us not forget the unique types of soda pop they have as well.

Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop in Westwood is nestled in a cozy shopping strip on Broxton avenue near UCLA. When you walk towards the shop you can tell you are going to be in there for a while just browsing all the different kinds candy and soda. The store is something out of WIlly Wonka’s imagination with wall to wall candy from different countries and decorated with the best pop culture has to offer.

Don’t be afraid, the staff is friendly and can guide you in the right direction if you have a particular craving. All candy types are well represented here with everything from chocolate to sour gummies and the familiar brands we all know and love like Trolli and Jelly Belly.

After browsing for what seemed like ages and my inner child screaming at my adult self to buy everything, I settled on what I thought was the coolest thing since Pokemon cards. There were Kit-Kats with different flavors from Japan that I had never seen or heard of. I got the cookies & cream and strawberry milk flavors. I also managed to spot soft Oreo cookies which left me speechless.

I couldn’t leave without trying a unique soda. After scanning the soda cooler and seeing a chocolate bacon soda, I decided to go with something a bit more safe. I picked up one of my favorite energy drinks, Bawls, and two others a Street Fighter themed drinks with Ken from the series on the can. I also purchased a Sonic the Hedgehog themed energy drink.

Audrey Serrano/Courier
Rocket Fizz’s wide variety of candy and their collecton of famous posters, located in Burbank, CA on April 11, 2017.

From my own personal experience at the store I had a good time just looking around at all the different sodas and candy that they had to offer. If there were no consequences to eating a mountain of candy everyday I would just live at Rocket Fizz. For now I will just have to settle for visiting very often and filling that void in my life with sweets.

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