Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves gives viewers a look into the very human struggle and the motivation of the “caped crusader” and less of the Bruce Wayne perspective. In the beginning we Pattinson gives a monologue explaining what he’s up against and what his actions have done in hopes of creating fear in the hearts of the criminal element in the city. Pattinson’s Batman voice is amazing, deep, with a raspy strength that is expected when portraying the character.

The movie incorporates an amazing score with a mix of dramatic violin sounds and an eclectic use of popular music. The audience is shown the dark aesthetic of Gotham City but also with the excellent symphony, using Nirvana’s song “Something In The Way” as an auditory aid during the montage showing that government corruption and crime have taken control, with only the “Dark Knight” to defend the innocent. The song starts with Batman looking at the son District Attorney Gil Colson’s son in the eyes after reviewing the scene of his murder, a great scene with Batman seeing himself in the boy, as his parents were also murdered in front of him. Scenes of the murders the Riddler commits are gruesome and not for the faint heart, you can hear the force used to murder his victims with blunt objects and the fear in their voices as he does it.


“I wish I could say I’m making a difference, but I don’t know.” (*Batman Voice)


The dark romance of a crime infested city makes for a treat for the senses, fuel for the drama fanatic.

The Riddler(Paul Dano) , a serial killer inspired by the Batman, goes on a string of murders Gotham’s most powerful figureheads and live streams them giving the viewer a contemporary perspective of a serial killer. While intimidating, the Riddler’s disguise is simple yet due to the gritty visual it’s difficult to get details outside the green gimp mask he wears, which appears lazy or an ode to the gimp in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction.”

The movie’s love story between Catwoman(Zoe Kravitz) and Batman enables the viewer to see how camaraderie can lead to romance. The two characters find each other and find out that they navigate the seedy underworld differently but successfully, uniting them in the search for information, one can say that this is a detective’s love story. Catwoman’s relationship with Batman allows viewers to see how complicated hiding his identity can be by exhibiting human characteristics that are dangerous for him to have.

Carmine Falcone(John Turturro) and The Penguin(Colin Farrell) show great potential as characters but seem like they are just filler, which is why the movie’s run time is almost three hours. Turturro demonstrates his wide range as an actor, differentiating from his normally comedic characters, to a dark evasive mob boss, who controls the city’s government in the shadows. Farrell’s character is prominent in the movie but holds back from any real substance until the end of the movie where the audience is alluded to him being one of the main villains in the movie’s sequel.

In the end the movie is a great illustration of Batman’s life, alone, rich, misguided and self loathing in search of evil which he sometimes finds in himself. Pattinson has given an excellent performance and shown his growth as an actor. No longer the vampire Edward I look forward to who develops the character and hope we see a bit more of his portrayal of Bruce Wayne.



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