Laying in bed at 10 pm listening to the latest, greatest hits before drifting into slumber is a novel treat that many of us take for granted. In a day and age where humankind is afforded such luxuries at the tip of a finger, one can almost forget that it was not so long ago when such instant gratification was nearly nonexistent. During the course of the last 20 years or perhaps more exclusively the last decade, an entire new platform of electronics has unveiled itself, presenting us with an array of choices. Never before has technology expanded at such unprecedented rates.

Electronics play a significant role in our daily lives and whether we recognize it, have become an almost inherent need to our ability to thrive and navigate the world. Cell phones are arguably an AI artifact in their own right as they now offer users an extensive selection of apps and services to assist them in any way possible. PCC student Angela Moreno enjoys a multitude on her phone that she uses to find bargains and garner coupons. “I just love to shop and these apps are most truly a blessing that I could not be anymore grateful for.” Moreno stated. Game consoles are a luxury providing for players an escape from the myriad challenges of reality, and our beloved laptops are truly one of the best inventions since sliced bread.

Millions across the globe are reliant on their devices for various means and it should come to no surprise that a great segment of these consumers are college age students. A large niche in the cyberworld is occupied by young adults who utilize their devices for both educational means as well as leisure activity.

PCC student Katherine Bibbiani is a gaming enthusiast who greatly enjoys a virtual battle on her nintendo switch. “Games, they make me feel happy because I get to enjoy them. They tell a beautiful story and the more in depth you get, the more connected you become.” Bibbiani quoted. The gaming empire is only a fragment of a much larger market which continues to skyrocket as consoles increase in popularity. The Nintendo switch was introduced only a few years ago and is now considered to be a highly sought out treasure. “The switch is fun, they’re a lot of game options and you can carry it around with you.” Bibbiani expressed.

While many use their devices solely for entertainment purposes, they’re a great many others who rely on their devices for more necessary reasons.

Elton Huang, another PCC student relies heavily on his phone’s GPS whenever venturing out. “I get lost very easily, without a GPS I have no sense of direction,” Huang said. In an era where maps are now seen as an almost prehistoric perk, the GPS is an exceptionally handy additive which has likely made all our lives a little easier at some point.

Browsing the campus at PCC, students immersed in their phones and laptops is a familiar site. In a post COVID world, the educational system too has seen a shift in the reliance of such devices and technology. For a time, thousands of institutes across the country were shuttered and instructor’s forced to try other means that would substitute for in person learning. Zoom sessions and pre recorded lessons being the most popular. Just what would one do if this all unfolded 20 years ago? It is likely the outcome would have been vastly different and we owe a lot of credit to these devices for allowing us to prevail in such a circumstance.

Our own relationship with electronics may vary yet we must all acknowledge that they have in some way helped make our lives a little less tedious. Whether we are checking the latest news reports or spending idle time scrolling through youtube videos, we are all active participants.

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