Music runs through the streets of Los Angeles and what better way to connect with other talented individuals than through LA Philharmonic’s Virtual Open Mic Night. It has proved to be a super chill way to experience how people express themselves through the art of music.

LA Phil’s Virtual Open Mic Night started their first zoom session this month on May 7, and is being held every Thursday. It is a one hour zoom session where each person gets up to six minutes of performance time. For many college students, this is an opportunity to put themselves out there and showcase their musical abilities to professionals watching.

There is so much hidden musical talent deep in Los Angeles. This is a great shot for those who do not have the resources to get themselves noticed for their musical abilities, and LA Phil is giving that to the Los Angeles community for free.

This past week’s Open Mic Night was held on May 21 and the theme was the B’s. The performers had to choose work from artists whose names begin with B, whether it was a piece by Beethoven or a song by Beyoncé.

People from all types of backgrounds sign up for this virtual event and everybody has their own unique way to make music. The acts can range from a chilling opera performance, to a soft rock duet, all the way to a beatbox song.

Everyone is so eager to perform and put their talent out there for others to see. Audience members are bound to get goosebumps because of the amount of raw talent these young individuals possess.

One of the most compelling performances of that evening was Dorothy Pan, playing “Image” by Bozza on the flute. She serenaded the audience with her fine flute abilities. The way she executed that song beautifully left an impact on those watching. She perfectly executed the song making it feel like it was straight out of a princess storybook, and the magic was definitely felt.

Another remarkable contestant of the night was Grace Balint. She not only played the piano, but she as well put on an opera, and all at the same time. Balint’s song choice was “Something” by Bach, which completely wowed the audience and the LA Phil team. Her high pitches left everyone in utter shock because of how breathtaking her voice is.

The LA Phil team encourages young adults to participate and connect with other music lovers around Los Angeles, especially during the current pandemic. It is the perfect place to enjoy the hidden gems in Los Angeles from the comfort of your own home.

Interested in the next open mic night? Join as an audience member or performer this upcoming Thursday May 28 at 7 p.m., for more info on the event visit the LA Phil website.

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