People wonder between isles checking out all the items for sale.
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If a guest forgot anything at home, they could definitely get it at the Rose Bowl Flea Market! Clothes, cleaning supplies and food are only some of the things that can be found at Pasadena’s colorful Flea Market. While walking around the beloved stadium, attendees are met with nearly 2,000 vendors.

A jewelry vendor right across from a crepe place is quite a sight to see. Everything is reasonably priced, the most amazing attribute of the flea market and it’s vendors are the stories they have to tell and how everything they’ve done lead them to sell what makes them happy.

“We’ve been doing it for 24 years,” said Sabrina Sierra, the owner of Nature’s Pet Cuisine. “We’re all about holistic and healing from the inside out. Helping all the cats, dogs and horses.”

Sierra has been a vendor at the Rose Bowl for at least 12 years and says that when people buy from her, they keep coming back for more. Among her pet products are treats for cats and dogs, cookies, bones and toys.

Another booth that highlighted women who are changing the flea market world, is a cute women-oriented, body positive booth. Run for women, by women. From body positive stickers, pins and t-shirts with sayings on them, such as a list of historical women figure’s names.

“It just evolved naturally from my fine art practice that I had, I went to art school,” said Rosaline Zhang, the owner of Little Women Goods. “I was a painter, it just became a business naturally.”

Zhang said that the pieces she was making in art school naturally carried on into a business. One of Zhang’s notable products is an extremely clever sticker that says “Literally Anyone Else — 2020.”

As crowded as the flea market is and has always been, newcomers are always getting lost in the wondrous pieces being sold.

“It was crowded, I’ll tell you that — they have a lot of nice stuff, I wish I had more time,” said David Dejohn, an attendee and newcomer.

The coveted Flea Market, which takes place every second Sunday of each month, is the place to be and has it all. All at the price of $9 for admission.

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