It has been four years since his last album. Finally, The Weeknd released a fresh batch of songs. Although The Weeknd switched up his style in the album, his fans genuinely enjoy “After Hours,” both in the melodic and the lyrical aspect.

“Let’s be real, none of us are ready for this masterpiece,” said user JayTooSavy on YouTube.

Earlier in his career, The Weeknd made albums that describe his pain, drugs, lust and the nightlife. In his new album, “After Hours,” he’s showing his realization about the damage he’s done to himself and his lovers. Through this album, The Weeknd is growing before our own eyes.

Both of The Weeknd’s singles, “After Hours” and “Blinding Lights,” have an 80s atmosphere, but the prior has a chill ambience while the latter is more upbeat. The rest of the songs in the album followed this pattern, half of the album had different vibes with the other half. The different styles in the album didn’t stop it from being 100% enjoyable. Although he is changing up his music, they all were still distinctly his songs.

The lyrics of the entire album reflect on his old lifestyle. The lifestyle has been detrimental to himself and his relationships, so he is unhappy with it and is trying to change.

“He’s telling a story with this album. This life that he’s living isn’t doing him right and it’s slowly killing him,” said user Polyba on the YouTube comment section of the music video.

The Weeknd used drugs when he was stuck with lyrics on earlier albums, which could explain one of the lines in his song, “Check my pulse for a second time/I took too much/I don’t wanna die.” This may be a sign of him moving away from drugs.

In his song “Escape From LA,” the lyrics show that even though he found everything he has ever dreamed of in LA, he desperately wants to get out. “Well this place is never what it seems/Take me out, LA.”

The lyrics insinuate that he discovered the dark side of LA, behind Hollywood, reality TV shows and awards. The people are not always the “positive mental attitude” facade they put up, as hinted in the lyrics “But this world is such a, such an evil place/And these hoes will always find a way/’Cause when I’m on the liquor, I go crazy.”

There is also an Easter egg in his song “Save Your Tears.” At 2:02, if the song is played at 0.5 or 0.25 speed, he whispers “Selena,” his ex-girlfriend. The song describes the emotion he felt for an ex, and how he could have gotten closure. “You could’ve asked me why I broke your heart/You could’ve told me that you fell apart/But you walked past me like I wasn’t there/And just pretended like you didn’t care.”

Overall, the album is a new style compared to The Weeknd’s previous work, but it still has the distinct melancholy in the lyrics he is known for. “After Hours” is definitely an album to check out, especially during this time in quarantine. The album has been fully released on YouTube and Spotify.

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