Bored at home during the quarantine and wanting a good laugh, well scroll on by to the Comedy Quarantine page on Instagram for a live show featuring various comedians and while you are watching, help and support local comedians by tipping.

Comedy Quarantine, an Instagram live show that features many different comedians during the COVID-19 pandemic. The comedy show is aired every weekday at 7 p.m. pacific standard time with its host for the night Teresa Lee.

Comedy Quarantine helps support comedians whose performances were seized by the pandemic that is taking place. The show is free to watch but is recommended for viewers to tip the comedians nightly on Venmo at @ComedyQuarantine or at The tips provided by the audience will be shared amongst the comedians of the night.

On Thursday night’s show of Comedy Quarantine there were 5 comedians who performed their own stand-up from home. The show had a really good range of comedians for the night like Teresa Lee, Sean Keane, Naomi Epkerigin, Cameron Esposito and Jes Tom. All of these comedians were booked through an Instagram page called Nakedcomedy.

Each and every one of the performers did their funny sets of the night from comparing capitalism with the live action film of “Beauty and the Beast,” to doing a burlesque show with props and even explaining monogamy and polyamory through video games.

The sets the performers would do were funny, a couple of funny performances were by Teresa Lee doing a Cho Chang impersonation, a character from the “Harry Potter” films. Lee explained how she was an underrated character in the books. Lee then would go on to defend herself as Cho Chang by justifying why she was a crier in the books, by saying her boyfriend Cedric Diggory died.

The show did seem to have a large audience for the night. The viewers were very interactive by commenting when they found certain sets to be hilarious. There would be comments from the audience that would be “#CANCELHARRY” or they would send laughing emojis to show the viewers watching when they found a set entertaining.

The second funniest set would be Jes Tom explaining that they are not worried about what is happening, but were not prepared for the global pandemic. Tom also went on to talk about how they would not be able to survive if there were to be an apocalyptic or revolutionary event because it would cause anxiety for them. Tom adds an explanation of what monogamy and polyamory are through not only video games, but also through food.

Comedy Quarantine was not only a hilarious show, but with the performers they had Thursday night made it more amusing to watch and enjoy. During this quarantine happening and with the amount of free time, a highly recommendable live-streamed comedy show to watch is Comedy Quarantine.

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