The closure of museums does not mean that love for art has to cool down. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) is now offering virtual tours and activities that can help us get through the difficult times of social distancing.

The museum is offering a different program each day of the week: Back to School Monday, Giving Tuesday, Past, Present & Future Wednesday, Movie Night Thursday, Feel Good Friday, Artist at Home Saturday and Book Club Sunday. They are available on MOCA’s official website and through its social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

This week’s Thursday Movie Night was a playlist on YouTube and it consisted of 7 short archival MOCA videos on contemporary LA living artists. One documentary that highlights is the one about Edward Ruscha, a famous local artist. It was interesting to see the extraordinary techniques that Ruscha uses and the evolution of his paintings over the years.

Feel Good Friday was the best of this week’s events. It was a video posted in all MOCA’s social media platforms about Robert Zakanitch “Angel’s Feet” painting. The soft tones and the texture of the acrylic create a feeling of happiness and peace. The background music transmits hope and serenity that makes one think everything will be okay. The video itself motivates the viewer to meditate on the good things in life.

Gala Porras-Kim was the artist for Saturday’s event, which took place on the MOCA’s Instagram page. She shared some quarantine-related pictures as well as a guided meditation video. Different artists will take over the museum’s Instagram stories every Saturday and will share some inspiring artwork.

Every Sunday there will be different readings. This week’s reading was based on one exhibition at MOCA: “Real Worlds: Bassai, Arbus, Goldin,” a collection of the works of three influential photographers of the twentieth century. The reading was interesting, but it was a little long. It is ideal for book lovers.

Monday activities are more educational. MOCA educators will be leading Back to School Monday through virtual talking tours, workshops and discussions.

Giving Tuesday is dedicated to sharing different ways in which people can help the community. Last Tuesday, MOCA encouraged people to donate blood during this time of crisis.

On Wednesday MOCA explores some of its past exhibitions and programs, examines its permanent collections and considers future initiatives.

MOCA virtual tours and events are definitely good options for those who are stuck at home due to the quarantine. Unusual, entertaining and interesting activities that will help anyone to get out of the boring routine.

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