The Jackie Robinson Arts & Humanities Lecture Series continues its theme “Art as Activism in the Era of COVID-19 and Civil Unrest in the USA: Re-set, Re-Discover & Re-Imagine,” with its second installment by celebrating Women History Month.

The program was titled “Phenomenal Black Women who Rocks.” This lecture series is part of the College’s Diversity initiative and is named after PCC’s most distinguished alumni, Jackie Robinson. The installment started with the speaker, Dr. Kari Bole, the Inaugural Chief Diversity Equity and inclusion officer at PCC, giving a welcoming speech commemorating the uniqueness and strength of black women.

“As we pause tonight to center the experiences and voices of black women we do so in celebration of our uniqueness that separates us from other women, our inspiring strength that expresses our resilience of human spirit against adversity…A strength that the book defines our fragility and nurtures is power. Women, women of color, black women, who in the words of Maya Angelou are an inner mystery cannot be touched. We celebrate you tonight and the Inner Strength intellect and beauty that you bring to every space you inhabit may tonight be a reflection of all that is you, the phenomenal you,” Dr. Kair Bole said.

JRLS had varied guest speakers from different sectors, from poetry, literature, music, art, and education. One of the featured guest speakers was San Francisco native, Sandra Jackson-Dumont, who is currently the director and CEO of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. She initiates by describing the new museum that is under construction and how it will represent the community. She also invites us to normalize going to museums as the same as going to the parks.

“We want museums to inspire thought provocative ideas and will move beyond geographic boundaries and pay deep attention to what is outside of us. We believe that the art of storytelling connects us to the shape of a more justice society. We believe that art shapes society. “ Sandra Jackson- Dumont said

Charles Reese, curator, and the resident host made the lecture a dynamic conversation that created a comfortable ambiance. The audience was active in the live chat, applauding and congratulating the speakers while thanking them for allowing them to have a safe space. Some of the performances included live recited poetry by Award-winning author Cherray O’Neal and video recordings from Vocal Stylist, Educator, and Lawyer, Nailah Porter.

The lecture ended with a trip to Amsterdam, with help of google earth, to visit DJ Lynnée Denise that gave the show the last thirty minutes of music.

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