Nestled in-between Baldwin Jewelers and Lucky Baldwin Delirium Café, surrounded by various shops, stores and restaurants along Sierra Madre Boulevard’s Kersting’s Court, is the organic, homemade ice cream and desserts of Mother Moo Creamery opened in 2011 by Pennsylvania State University Alum Karen Klemens.

Walking into Mother Moo feels almost like entering a 1950’s style malt shop, minus the drugstore and soda fountain element. To the right, along the walls as you first walk in, are shelves right out of a candy store with an added array of all size cow figurines, gumballs in glass containers, various candies and goodies and even an old school Easy Bake Oven with a sign on its stove reading, “Caution: Very Hot.”

Moving towards the left, straight ahead is the kitchen/bakery. The counter, placed in the middle of the sitting area and kitchen, is accented by ice cream toppings on the left and a mini refrigerator of cakes and pies on the right. A blackboard highlighting the menu is on the far-left wall, followed by a corner fridge full of soda pops and waters, a water pitcher and small glass cups atop a push cart align the front window and two 50’s style tables and multiple baby blue chairs occupy the main floor.

While walking inside, a young gentleman greeted customers from behind the counter providing samples of any flavor ice cream from the blackboard menu. Listed was 10 unique and enticing flavors of ice cream to choose from. Bubble Gum was actually nostalgic, reminiscent of summer when kids passed around Bubblicious and see who could blow the biggest bubble. Vanilla with Cacao Nibs was a nice, interesting mixture of sweetness and chocolatey crunch. Both flavors were extremely creamy and smooth, and although wanting to add a piece of carrot cake and or banana crème pie, the mini moo scoop of Organic Vanilla was the ultimate choice.

Outside of the creamery, a bench was placed along the front window and a mini table sat out front for customers as well. There, Gretchen De Vine and her granddaughter, Naomi Morris enjoyed a nice warm Friday evening with their treats. Both ladies were enjoying their first time visit to Mother Moo as well. De Vine had helped herself to a scoop of Salty Chocolate and Naomi had gotten her favorite flavor of Bubble Gum. De Vine, accustomed to good ole’ Thrifty’s ice cream, was pleasantly surprised by the sheer quality of Mother Moo.

Though the mini moo scoop was a smaller portion than anticipated for $3, it was well worth it. Having to pay more for “organic and homemade” makes sense as long as the taste and quality are a true reflection. The flavor packed into one individual scoop was overwhelmingly delicious and refreshingly satisfying. In addition to the mini moo scoop, the moon pie cookie consisting of two snickerdoodle cookies sandwiching maple buttercream frosting, was an experience was like biting into a cinnamon-maple cloud might be an understatement.

Sierra Madre resident Kira Altman, employed with Mother Moo for a little over 4 months, hadn’t heard of the chain before applying.

“I was just walking by one day, and I saw a sign, and I just emailed her [Klemens],” Altman remembers. “I hadn’t [been a customer] before actually, no.”

With a vintage atmosphere and organic and tasteful cakes, pies, cookies, ice cream, candy, milkshakes and even non-dairy treats, Mother Moo deserves an A grade. The selection provided is unmatched by any other ice cream establishment around and the cow theme throughout, including the Don’t Tip the Cows game on the inside tables, can transport you straight to the countryside.

“I like it alot!” Altman replied when asked how much she enjoyed working for Mother Moo.

Visit the Sierra Madre location or The Moo on Mission, their second location in South Pasadena.

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