L.A. based rap collective Shoreline Mafia are one of the groups responsible for resurging interest in the west coast hip-hop scene combining bay-area influenced beats with modern spacey trap production to create their unique drugged out sound.

A sequel to last years “Party Pack,” “Party Pack, Vol. 2” expands on their low-key aesthetic. This nine track EP supports the group’s ability to create simple, yet catchy songs, but it suffers when they try to fit in with their contemporaries.

Their fourth release on major label Atlantic sees the return of local producers Ron-Ron, AcetheFace and Beat Boy who have been responsible for the group’s biggest hits like “Musty,” and “Bottle Service.”

“Comprised of Fenix Flexin, OhGeesy, Rob Vicious, and Master Kato, Shoreline Mafia leads an exciting new wave of L.A. rappers,” stated Vents Magazine.

Despite having five tracks with a feature, Shoreline finds a way to keep the guests in the backseat remaining in the forefront with “Chandelier” being the standout track, featuring southern rap veteran, Curren$y. Curren$y’s monotone delivery fits seamlessly with the slurred laid back style of Fenix Flexin and Ohgeesy.

Shoreline Mafia pays respect to the underground L.A. scene by recruiting incarcerated rappers 03 Greedo and Drakeo The Ruler on the final track “Wake Me Up In Traffic” and “Free Drakeo, Free Greedo” (a hood banger advocating for the duos release and touch upon the laws of loyalty in a gang).

“The collection gives the different Shoreline members a few solo showcases and it also features appearances from fellow young up-and-comers like Chicago’s Warhol.SS and LA’s Mac P Dawg, and from perma-stoned elder statesman Curren$y,” stated Stereogum

Shoreline has been signed to Atlantic for a little over a year and decided to utilize their connection to collaborate with chart topping producer D.A. Doman, who appears on the opener and lead single “Wings.” “Wings” is a change of pace with very bright and upbeat synths that don’t compliment the groups dark lyricism and slurred delivery. The songs instrumental sounds like a sped-up version of Kodak Black’s “Zeze,”(also produced by D.A. Doman) that contains the groups laziest and repetitive main hook provided by Fenix Flexin.

“If you’re a Shoreline Mafia fan, this compilation is just another stop on their journey towards superstardom,” stated Hunnypot.

“Party Pack, Vol. 2,” is a little sampler of what the group is known for. It is a placeholder for the eventual debut they have next in line. 

Shoreline Mafia has the potential to be the flag bearers of the new wave of L.A. rap scene if they continue sticking to their guns. If they go deeper into the commercial route, like in “Wings,” they have the potential to become just another rap collective.


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