An album made for “Everybody,” Logic has delivered, but opted to follow the J. Cole’s, the Kendrick Lamar’s, and the Joey Bada$$ line of recent somewhat political savvy dialogue.

The movie-esque intro Track 1, Hallelujah, starts off with Logic thanking God then transitioning to a skit. The character Atom dies after being run over, meeting God (Neil deGrasse Tyson voice over) in the process. However, he is trapped in a white void.

This is my take on every track:

Track 2 Everybody: A spot on delivery on race. Logic describes his encounters with racism, while not knowing it was an issue when he was younger. Going on to say:

“White people told me as a child, as a little boy, playin with his toys
I should be ashamed to be black
And some black people look ashamed when I rap
Like my great granddaddy didn’t take a whip to the back”

Track 3 Confess:

Follows up on the racial tensions on African-American people and anyone who has felt degraded (including Logic himself). He addresses that they shouldn’t take their anger out on God, but to praise him during tough times.

Track 4 Killing Spree:

This song questions society’s abuse of using social media. However, the chorus to this song is a somewhat lazy. I believe it could have made the song stronger as lyrically it delivered on a trap beat.

Track 5 Take It Back:

Literally takes it back to his childhood to growing up with racial abuse, violence, etc. He learns to be equal in the process.

For this track Logic talks more than he rhymes, which was something he thought to do. Delivery and more explanation via rapping would have made this song better.

Track 6 America:

Logic describes that he has never really taken a political stance until this song. This song brings you back to the album. A great 90’s vibe, that includes legends Black Thought and Chuck D, is one my favorite songs from the album

Track 7 Ink Blot:

Addresses his “haters” and how music gives the listener a prospective or meaning that many rappers don’t do. Juicy J features in the song and his verses delivery is on point. The song has a laid back low-fi beat that you can sit back and vibe to.

Track 8 Mos Definitely:

Keeps the funky hip hop rhythm going. Logic’s title is a shout out to one of his favorite rappers Mos Def as he then remixes his song “Umi Says” for the outro. Logic once again addresses to keep fighting and keep pushing forward. This track is most definitely one of my favorites.

Track 9 Waiting Room:

Neil Degrasse (God) tries to portray Morgan Freeman in this skit. Neil Degrasse talks about how Atom has reincarnated many times as multiple people to grow and mature as a person. A reference to Andy Weir.

Track 10 1-800-273-8255:

I tried calling the number but no one picked up. One of my least favorite songs in this album that feels more like I’m listening to Drake or the radio.

Track 11 Anziety:

The song is pretty much what the title says. He shares his story of suffering with anxiety. Logic shares this story to show his fans, who suffer from the same thing, that they are not alone.

Track 12 Black Spider-Man:

Logic questions of a possibility Jesus is black, Spider-Man is black and so on. He also believes that with so much division in the world everyone should be equal, as he doesn’t see color but people. The song has compelling lyrics with an R&B type beat which Logic correlates with one another perfectly.

Track 13 AfricAryaN:

A song that takes the album and his life on full 360. It ultimately shares his in depth thoughts on race, as he’s biracial, that has seen him go through a different path than most.

It also brings Atom and God (Neil Degrasse wanna be Morgan Freeman) to a stop. Where Atom is told to be positive and live life to the fullest for the betterment for all. Logic gives resurrection to Kai and Thomas of his second studio album The Incredible True Story addressing Logic is not done yet.

Logic introduces J. Cole, who he admires, with which I believe is the best outro in recent years. The song also gives lyrical prowess and a song that changes beats various times to really extort the listener and succeeds on it.

Overall, the storytelling on his life, racial issues, and equality for all is something I rarely received from Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN or Joey Badass’s ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$. Logics album had its low moments. Although, for the most part, his rhyme delivery was vigorous. I’d like to give thanks to Logic and his producers for hardly including any trap beats; it is always a plus. His album also included features that didn’t ruin the album, nor were the features just fill-ins.

Favorite Tracks: America, Mos Definitely, Everybody, Ink Blot, and AfricAryaN

ALBUM: 4.5/5

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