Shawn Mendes came out with his fourth studio album, “Wonder.” The first song is titled the same as the album and completely illustrates the true meaning behind his beautifully written song. It’s about how society “conditions” him to feel less of a man because he shows his powerful emotions through his wonderful music, pun intended. 

Mendes released his album on Friday, December 4, 2020. The album’s main focus of genre is pop but also consists of R&B with a hint of Funk. Not only did Mendes sing with his outstandingly talented girlfriend, Camila Cabello, on a Christmas track cover called “The Christmas Song” for the holidays coming up, but he also collaborated with Justin Bieber on a fan favorite called “Monster.”

“Monster” gives off anti-status quo vibes and is truly about the pedestal the world puts them on and how easy it is to be convinced you’re the bad guy. For example,

“You put me on a pedestal, 

And tell me I’m the best,

Rise me up into the sky,

Until I’m short of breath,

Fill me up with confidence,

I say what’s in my chest, 

Spill my words and tear me down, 

Until there’s nothing left,” Mendes sang. 

Shawn Mendes really explores his creative vision by writing and singing about the vulnerability of relationships in tracks like “Wonder”, “Dream”, and “Piece of You”. He perfectly executes how he feels about long-distance relationships through his lyrics, 

“Holding you is all I think about, 

 You’re asleep in London,

I wish you were coming,

Back home to me darling,

You’re too far away,” Mendes sang in one of his top hits, “Dream”.

On the contrary, according to Jon Dolan at the Rolling Stone, “The musical settings can be as grand as his romantic ambitions. On previous albums, Mendes’ strongest weapon was his light touch, the way songs like “Nervous” and “There’s nothing holding me back” worked nimble guitar lines and taut rhythms into big payoffs. Wonder is sometimes too grandiose.”  

Clearly, Mendes is intoxicated by Camila Cabello’s love, it’s absolutely adorable. He confides in and proves his love for Camila through these difficult times through his original tracks, “Higher,” “Always Been You,” and “Teach Me How to Love.” 

“Ooh your body’s like an ocean,

I’m devoted,

To explore you,

Ooh what do you desire,

I’m Inspired, 

I’ll do it for you,” Mendes beautifully confessed in another top hit, “Teach Me How to Love”.

Overall this album deserves a five out of five because of the vulnerability it took to produce this and create it for the world to listen to, the effort that went into it, and the romantic side we continuously see in Shawn Mendes.

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