With the temperature rising as summer wears on, students have turned to frosty treats as a way to keep cool. Frozen yogurt and ice cream are snacks that people across campus have been enjoying to beat the heat.

Frosty_CGonzalez_071113_02Some frozen yogurt places such as Cherry On Top and Yogurtland give consumers the freedom to create their own personal desserts by providing a topping bar. The bar allows customers to add any quantity and as many toppings as they like, at a price.

Other shops, like Pinkberry, make the portions and add topping amounts behind the counter. The person ordering has less control this way, but some people don’t mind.

Johnny Villay, history, loves the strawberry yogurt from Yogurtland. “I like frozen yogurt because we can put candy and fruit on it,” he said.

Others choose ice cream as a refreshing snack. David Gomez, art, is one of those people. “I prefer the creamy texture and taste of it over frozen yogurt,” said Gomez.

Ketty Wang, biology, would choose ice cream over frozen yogurt because she feels ice cream is the superior snack. “I prefer ice cream because frozen yogurt sounds like a wannabe ice cream,” she said.

Joshua Truong, kinesiology, would also rather have ice cream than frozen yogurt. “It always brings out the little kid in all of us,” said Truong.

“For me, frozen yogurt is more like a snack and ice cream is more like a dessert,” said Ashar Ali, biomedical engineer.

While ice cream is a tasty treat, some feel that frozen yogurt is a healthier alternative.

“It’s healthier than ice cream and not as sweet,” said Amy Flores, speech pathology. Her favorite flavor is Heavenly Vanilla from Froyo Life in Montrose.

While both have similar calorie counts, 120+ per cup, frozen yogurt seems to be the healthier of the two. According to Buzzle.com, frozen yogurt has a few advantages over ice cream.

Frozen yogurt has probiotics and is digestible to those with lactose intolerance. It also has less fat, 0-4%, compared to ice cream, 10-18%.

Ice cream has more fat and sugar, while frozen yogurt has more calcium and protein.

In one cup there are 3-5g of protein in ice cream and 5-9g in frozen yogurt. In one cup there are 30-50g of sugar in ice cream and 20-45g on frozen yogurt. In one cup there are 100-150g of calcium in ice cream and 200-300g in frozen yogurt.


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