As the semester comes to a close, the inevitability of studying right before your finals is a given. With little time to spare, everyone wants to utilize their time studying. Here’s a playlist for studying at home, sitting in the library, or hanging out in the mirror fountain.


As the realization hits that you are unprepared for your final that could make or break you, now is the time to take all those regrets and snap out of it. Prepare all your work, make a list, and sit down as this is about to change your grade.

boylife, “Amphetamine”

This is where it starts to get breezy. Amphetamine delivers that pep talk that will give you motivation to go all night. With a smooth instrumental and lyrics you can help you relax, especially if the stress is setting in.

Healy, Public Library, “Back in Time”

“Back in time” is the go to song to keep you in the groove. As the night is progressing and you’re on a roll, getting that eureka moment of understanding the content. Embrace the Healys beat choice and go with the flow.

Sunny Day Service, “In the sun again”

This Japanese pop song is the best song you can study. As you focus on your school work or if you are listening to a lecture, immerse yourself to the beat of the music as the Sunny Day Service vocalizes and grooves.

Alanna8h, “My Mind Is a Maze”

As your study shesh progresses, this song is the best song to run your last strength of focus. Immerse yourself in your studies, focus as hard as possible until the end of this song and take a good needed break. Hydrate, eat some brain food, no carbs. And get back into it.

The Marias, “Only in My Dreams”

If the Marias can’t help you focus and keep going, I’m not sure what can. Take this time to allow yourself to think about the end goal. Visualize what all this studying is for and finish strong as the night falls.

Paul McCartney, Dominic Fike, “The Kiss of Venus (Dominic Fike)”

You’re so close to the end. And the amount of content you’ve studied has already been more than you thought you could have done. This song is a good wind down for the night. Appreciate what you’ve done as you groove to Dominic’s collaboration with Paul McCartney.

EASHA, “Two Dimensions”

It’s the end of the night! Although, staying up all night might not be the best idea. If you do this is the song that will cool your head and relax you as the night comes to an end. Drink water, get some sleep, and start again tomorrow or hope that you gave it your all for this final.

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