Post-hardcore quintet, Fiddlehead, guides listeners through a bumpy and emotional ride in the form of their first LP, “Springtime and Blind.” They are quite the supergroup, consisting of Patrick Flynn and Shawn Costa of Have Heart, Alex Henery of Basement, as well as members from Big Contest and Intent. This album is raw and melancholic, focusing on the loss of Flynn’s father. “Springtime and Blind” is an extremely personal work that dives deep into the impact of the death of a loved one. Flynn tells stories of how this affected himself and his mother and explains how to combat the tragedy of the loss of life.

Instrumentally, “Springtime and Blind” takes a lot of directions. There are obvious hardcore elements due to most of the members having roots in that genre. However, there are dingy grunge basslines, howling surf punk vocals, and tangled guitar melodies. All of this messy sound is sewn together creating this hazy, somber, and hot-blooded record.

“After he passed away I felt the crush of his absence and this figure in my life that could point out the beauty in anything. What was left was his voice on our message machine, which still plays to this day at my mother’s house.” Flynn said in an interview with FADER magazine, describing the second track “Poem You.”

This track can really be a summary of the whole album, giving an honest, grief-filled poem about Flynn wishing his father would walk through the door one last time. “Talk to your ghost/Sleep with your clothes/I’ll take whatever’s left/In the waste of your death/But in case you come home I left the light on.” In the same interview, Flynn explained that his father retired from the army and went back to teaching highschool literature and poetry. His father found poetry in anything and showed Flynn the wonderous world of literature.

Fiddlehead greets listeners on the B-side of their record with track six “Rejoice.” This song is unfamiliar and at times does not sound like music. The bulk of this song is audio of two people arguing and a pastor leading a prayer. Instrumental is sprinkled into the background but Fiddlehead wants to hone in on this dark and disturbing audio clip. “Rejoice” is unique, strange, and contrasts the sad warmth this album shines with its bitter and sharp tone.

Fiddlehead gives jumbled and messy instrumental, tear-jerking vocals, and lyrics for when you have your head in your hands. “Springtime and Blind” is a heartfelt emotional wreck of an artistic creation that gives the audience a shoulder to lean on.

Recommended Track: “Lay Low”

Favorite Track: “Tidal Waves””


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