Samskara is a unique exhibit from digital alchemist, Android Jones who creates a spiritual and interactive experience at the Wisdome.LA Art Park, filled with colorful and textured psychadelic inspired art pieces.

The Colorado based artist has built a name for himself crafting psychedelic and conceptual pieces that have been displayed prominently throughout the world such as: the Sydney Opera House, the Empire State Building and even visuals for the Grateful Dead’s Fare Thee Well Tour.

“For a sec I thought I wasted money bringing my girl ’till we went in… that shit was trippy and dope,” stated Porfirio Arreola.

The exterior of the immersive art park is a turf lot with four white connected tents — what can only be described as left over fyre fest habitats, surrounded by instagram-ready sets with signs displaying, filling every available blank space along the wall of the park.

Guests entering the first tent went inside the Mirror Dome, containing beautiful lighting and a mirror hallway that led into a mirror laden room. The intention was to provide a metaphorical portal to the soul, preparing it for the art in the following tents.


“The atmosphere and art made me at peace,” stated Angie Vargas.

The Mandala Dome transports guests into a state of euphoria with color changing lighting and spiritual hymns that enhance the complex and cosmic themed projections along the walls. Pieces displayed guided the participants through the evolution of the universe and earth, by displaying universal gods and celestial beings.

Samskara gives the opportunity for the public to create their own visions of art in the Creativity Dome where a host helps guests go into a VR pod and lets users draw inside the Microdose VR World that resembles the Wisdome.LA park itself.

“The projections were hypnotic. I found myself staring for 10 minutes,” stated Sean Escobedo.

The main attraction of the exhibit was inside the Mantra Dome that allowed users to lay down in bed like seating and experience a 20 minute digital art projection that makes full use of the 360 projector. Similar to the Mandala Dome, the art depicted is meant to tell the story of the earth’s creation, and this time, the soul connection between humans.

Samskara is an art exhibit that stands out from the rest providing guests the chance to really disassociate from the outside world and achieve an ethereal spiritual state of mind through the lush textures and visually intricate pieces of Android Jones.


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