If it’s one thing that has emerged from Mac Miller’s tragic death, it’s the heartfelt words of remembrance from his peers along with his glowing reputation that affected his fans emotionally and deeply.

Artists such as Ariana Grande, Chance the Rapper, SZA, Charlie Puth, Wiz Khalifa, other artists and millions of fans shared heartfelt condolences, short clips of past tours, pictures and Miller’s talent of music influence across all social media platforms in memory of Mac Miller.

Miller began to show interest in rap in his early teen years. At the age of fourteen he released a mixtape titled “But my mackin’ ain’t easy,” which led him to release other mixtapes called “The Jukebox: Prelude to Class Clown” and “The High Life” in 2008. Around the age of fifteen, he decided to dedicate his focus on becoming an artist in the hip-hop community.

Fast forward to 2010, Miller was signed to Rostrum Records at the age of 17, where he released a new mixtape called “K.I.D.S.” After his first single titled “Knock knock” came out, the music video premiered on YouTube where it went viral. With over 2,200,000 views, 800,000 downloads and streamed over 550,000 times, this gave nationwide recognition to him as well as opening the door to his career.

In late 2010, he went on “The incredibly dope tour” which not only sold out at all shows but was his first tour ever.

Miller announced “Blue Side Park,” in November 2011 which ranked No. 1 on Billboard 200. Within the first week of his album’s release, it sold 144,000 copies.

His second album “Watching Movies with the Sound Off” was released in June 2013. The following year, he started his own record label called “REMember Music” and signed a recording contract and distribution deal for his label “REMember Music.” Served as a record producer under the name Larry Fisherman, he produced himself as well as music for artists like SZA, Vince Staples, Lil B, Ab-Soul, Riff Raff and Smoke DZA.

Miller’s third album “GO:OD AM” was released in September 2015. He stated that this album was “the first album I recorded while being happy in a long time.” This album explored his addiction, insomnia and his demons with clarity on songs like ‘Two matches,’ ‘Weekend’ and ‘Cut the check.’

In July 2016, he announced ‘The Divine Feminine,’ his fourth album which was released in September 2016. Miller said that this album “is about the energy surrounding this planet,” how mother earth is a feminine living thing that has to be held as “something sacred” and his adoration for “outspoken, powerful women.”

With Miller’s most recent and last album ‘Swimming’ that was released this past August, he opens up with some pretty good tracks or as music lovers would call bangers, like “self-care.” After this release the album debuted at no. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart. The tracks on this album definitely tell a story of what he’s gone through within the past year.

In one of Miller’s last interviews, he said, “The fact that I’ve been able to pivot into different pockets and just kind of live and create music that matches whatever type of life I’m currently living, that reflects the life I’m currently living.”

It’s one thing to binge on this album and select your favorite tracks but it’s another to find out this tragic news of Miller’s passing and going back to listen to his music only to discover the deeper meaning behind the messages in his music.

In the track ‘2009’ Miller says “I was diggin’ me a hole big enough to bury my soul. Weight of the world, I gotta carry my own.” He then continues further into the song with “sometimes I wish I took a simpler route, instead of having demons that’s as big as my house.”

In another track titled ‘Come back to earth,’ he says, “I wish it was nice out, but it looked like rain, grey skies and I’m drifting.”After listening to those tracks as well as ‘Jet fuel,’ and hearing “now I’m in the clouds, come down when I run out of jet fuel but I never run out of jet fuel” makes the messages behind the lyrics mind-blowing. The messages behind these lyrics can be interpreted as Miller now floating in heavens clouds, finally at peace with his demons.

He’s no longer wishing it was nice out, or seeing grey skies and drifting. Those he’s touched with his music are now wishing it was nice out, it looks like rain, grey skies and we are drifting at this tragic news saying, “come back to earth.”

Although Miller is gone his music and imprint will forever live in the rap world. Rest in peace Malcolm James McCormick.

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