Shangxiejie Elementary School pupils from Beijing, China played the Chinese Yoyo at the Sculpture Garden on Tuesday, September 25.

Daniel Valencia / Courier
The Shangxiejie Elementary School visits PCC by presenting us with a beautiful display of there skils with the chinese yoyo on Sept 25.

There were many faculty members and students getting ready to see the young students perform the Chinese Yoyo.

Michelle Washington, Interclub Council representative, introduced the Shangxiejie students and gave a grief history on Chinese Yoyo. “Yoyo is also known as diabolo and has been a popular game in China for almost 900 years,” said Washington.

There were about 15 students, they did seven different types of performances, including Shaking the Sun, and then did a paper cutting demonstration.

“The students have been doing presentations at the Paseo and Kidspace. They have been enjoying there stay here in California,” said Washington.

According to Washington, the Interclub Council knew that the students were coming, so they have been preparing everything for the event.

Emmanuella Carrasco, graphic arts, found out about the performance through one of her instructors. “I’m really glad that I came. The performances were really interesting,” said Carrasco.

Patrick Wang, business, has been to Beijing a couple of times and was glad to see that students from PCC were able to enjoy a different cultural experience from China. “I really loved the yoyo performance. I’m glad I was able to find out about this,” said Wang.

Samantha Acevedo, film, had never seen anything like it before. “I didn’t even know they played the yoyo or that it was a sport in China,” said Acevedo.

Daniel Valencia / Courier
Mark Rocha taking a group photo with some of the students from the Shangxiejie Elementary School on Sept. 25.

The yoyo team was composed of students aged 9 to 13.

Liu Lan, 11 years old, has been practicing the yoyo for five years. Lan got involved with playing the yoyo because it’s a Chinese tradition and its part of her heritage. “I practice 50 minutes every day […] it was hard at first learning how to play the yoyo, but after awhile I got better at it,” said Lan.

Washington also said that the yoyo presentation went along with the exhibit that was going on in the library. The exhibition is a glimpse of China during the past 10 years.

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