Winter can be cold even in sunny southern California, so it is important to dress warm, but still, leave room for style.

While it’s understandable that anything below 70 degrees may require a hoodie and sweatpants, not everyone is on board with the simplicity of it. PCC students like Leilani Lemus take this time of year to layer up while looking “sexy” and staying warm.

“An essential piece of clothing for me is a mock turtleneck for sure,” Lemus said. “It keeps you warm, makes you look sexy and put together, and is perfect for layering since it works well with pretty much any jacket.”

On days when running late has become inevitable, it is nice to have an outfit on hand. For Lemus, this consists of a long coat and more layering.

“Since it’s been raining off and on lately, I like wearing a long wool coat with a mock turtleneck plus wide-leg pants and platform Doc Martens,” said Lemus. “The coat and shirt are pretty simple and keep me warm, and the wide-leg pants are perfect for layering too since I can wear tights and socks at the same time and no one will ever know.” 

Lemus isn’t the only one loving long coats. According to Vogue, long coats are wintertime must-haves as featured in their Cold Weather Shop. However, for those who do not aim for long coats, puffer jackets are also in this winter. Vogue recommends the puffer’s “stylish relative” the padded coat. Just like the puffer, it provides warmth only with a smoother look. 

Coats and jackets aren’t the only pieces of clothing that can keep the cold out. Long pants, fleece tights, wool knit sweaters, or chunky cardigans can also provide warmth on cold days. Students such as Kayla Pineda like to rely on accessories to do the trick.

“I don’t have a go-to outfit, but I always need a big puffer jacket,” said Pineda. “I definitely need my scarf and my leg warmers.” 

When it comes to seeking warm clothing, there are so many options. From retail stores to local boutiques finding a sweater is not that challenging these days. 

“Most of my clothes are from different places and I buy second-hand for luxury items, but I like Lucky Sisters – it’s a small store at the mall in Arcadia,” said Lemus. “Zara is also good since I’ve been able to maintain the few jackets I’ve purchased from there for a while.”

Retail shops such as Uniqlo and Zara are popular for having trendy styles as well as H&M. For those who prefer more sustainable options when it comes to fashion, thrifting is a good way to find pieces second-hand. Levi’s is another alternative and though they are known for their denim jeans, they have many comfy outerwear options for the winter.

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