Following an astonishing career as the Caped Crusader for over 30 years, covering everything from animated shows to video games, famous Batman actor, Kevin Conroy, passed away on November 10th, 2022.

While his career as the Dark Knight is studded with several different outings, his humble beginnings came in the form of 1992’s “Batman: The Animated Series,”. Conroy, a Juilliard graduate, had a background in stage acting, and small voice parts in commercials here and there. He was originally skeptical of taking part in this random show. But amongst a sea of over 500 auditions, Conroy won the hearts of creator Bruce Timm and the rest of the cast.

Conroy instantly became an iconic voice for the World’s Greatest Detective, alongside “Star Wars,” star, Mark Hamill, who portrayed the Joker. Together these two would define Batman for a generation of new bat-fans. Hot off the heels of 1989s “Batman” by Tim Burton, starring Michael Keaton, Batmania was in full force. Shifting the view of the character from Adam West’s more campy, humorous portrayal, to a more brooding, and darker version of the character.

Following this massive success, Conroy would continue to voice the character for years to come. He would continue in animation with shows like “The New Batman Adventures,” “Batman Beyond,” and even a crossover with the superhero who can never figure out how to put his underwear on the right way, Superman.

Several fans made tribute videos, and co-stars left thoughtful words dedicated to Conroy, including Hamill, Tara Strong, voice actress for Harley Quinn, Matthew Mercer, and others. Most of them noted Conroy’s personality and kindness. This shows in one particular story that Conroy himself was fond of.

Following the 9/11 attacks, Conroy helped work in a soup kitchen in Manhattan and was recognized by someone else and was recognized by someone else who was working with him. Following the revelation, the person went out into the lobby and announced that Batman was in the building helping them, someone called the bluff and Conroy delivered what is considered his most iconic line as the character. “I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Batman!”

Conroy in later years also attended conventions, entertaining hundreds of fans with his voice and portrayal of the character. His last one was in Connecticut in July 2022.

Conroy’s next milestone would be his appearance in the Arkham series of games developed by Rocksteady Studios. This portrayal would again boost the popularity of the character to new heights, winning several accolades, including 2011’s Game of the Year for the title “Batman Arkham City,”. Conroy would lay the mantle down in the series with 2015s “Batman Arkham Knight,”. He also voiced the character in famous Mortal Kombat developers Netherrealm Studios’ two DC-based fighting games, “Injustice Gods Among Us,” and its sequel “Injustice 2,”.

Conroy’s most recent outing for the character was this year during DC’s pride event aptly named “DC Pride,”. In it, Conroy detailed his experience being a closeted homosexual man, trying to find work in the middle of the AIDS crisis. The character always meant a ton to him, and the honor of being the first now-openly gay man to play him was a big undertaking for Conroy.

Conroy is survived by his husband Vaughn C. Williams, and his sister and brother Trisha and Tom Conroy. 

Conroy’s tender care for the character is ultimately what made me, and hundreds if not thousands of fans fall in love with the character. Regardless of how WB decides to move forward in the future whether it’s with Ben Affleck, Robert Pattinson, or some new person, Conroy will always be my Batman.

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