Attendees view the 360 display at Laurie Shapiro’s Alchemy Tunnel art installation in the Radiant Space on Saturday, October 6 2019. Haneen Eltaib/Courier

Immersed by the whimsical display of painted canvases, sequined fabrics, laced ceiling decor, and self reflective screen prints, artist Laurie Shapiro exhibited Alchemy Tunnel: An Immersive Installation, on Oct. 5, 2019. The event was held at Radiant Space, a multimedia gallery in the heart of Los Angeles, sharing her raw, larger than life artwork to those from all walks of life.

“Art has always captivated me,” Shapiro said.

Making art her whole life, Shapiro began her passion for painting at the adolesent age of 16. She attended Carnegie Mellon University and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in painting, printmaking, and installation. At the University level, Shapiro recognized the potential she had to make art her everyday reality.

Through her education, Shapiro has flourished on her artistic talent, exhibiting her artwork in immersive, ceiling to floor experiences. “Just being alive” is the biggest inspiration to her artwork, as well as using her imagination as her most powerful platform as she first delved into the year long process of the creation of the Alchemy Tunnel exhibition.

She describes her art as being a “fun experiment,” and simply put, Shapiro’s goal in her work is to promote continuous peace, happiness and love.

In her creation, Alchemy Tunnel, Shapiro utilized a variety of materials to give life to the smallest of details the bare eye can easily ignore. The fusion of screen printing, muslin, paper mache, dried flowers, polyurethane, glue, resin, and hand sewing brings life to every inch of Shapiro’s artistic composition.

As locals entered the keyhole space after asked to wear protective foot covers or remove their shoes entirely, many of the visitors were found meditating on Shapiro’s multicolored, screen printed floors, engaging in endless amounts of selfie photo taking, and absorbing the musing experience from top to bottom.

“I almost stayed at home tonight, but then I told myself ‘get yourself out there,” visitor Tsahi Banton of North Hollywood said.

For more information on Laurie Shapiro you can visit or on Facebook and Instagram @laurieshapiroart


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