The California Market Center (CMC) is known for its, of course, markets but they’re not necessarily markets—more like events, showrooms, sales, and expos. From food to pilates, you can find it all here, especially Artisanal LA.

Artisanal LA came back for it’s Fall Show at the CMC this past weekend. It’s a weekend long community shopping, tasting and enlightening experience. There were over 100 indie makers, crafters and chefs showcasing their creative work, all while shopping and sampling what you desire, from ice cream to jerky along with a couple hands-on workshops and chef demos throughout the weekend.

One vendor that was very captivating was LA Belle Chandelle, a vintage, classy candle vendor who combined beautifully imagery while taking your senses away. With an 1850’s era in the background and on the label it definitely brought people to the booth. Owner and creator Tania Summerfold came out from San Diego where she is originally based. It wasn’t her first rodeo— she’s participated before.

“I love coming out and talking to everybody and everybody gets to see all the blood, sweat and tears I’ve put into my product,” Summerford said. “We have returned customers and I have a great time doing these shows.”

Now CMC is a pretty big place so to host over 100 vendors the event was split into two sections but had a middle that met. In the middle of it all were two indie artists performing classics like Landslide, Bon Jovi and originals of their own which definitely vibed with setting.

Right next door coincidentally was a booth with a unique name, Indie Jams. This booth sold a variety of, can you guess, jam. Each jam correlated with a genre of music. Country was a mix of peaches and orange blossom, which has a tarty kick. Blues jam had a more barbeque taste. The fusion of blueberries and whiskey gave it a smokey touch.

Meredith Lockwood, creator of Indie Jams, combined her passions of singing and songwriting with the love of food to produce mouth-watering jams. She also helps out local independent artists herself by booking them for entertainment at her own events as she did for Artisanal LA. Indie artists Dani W. and Kate Connaghan were brought on by Indie Jams and performed Sunday.

“I’ve been to Artisanal LA before I became a vendor and I’m just a fan of the local food and I love talking to the makers,” Connaghan said. “I love discovering new local music as well.”

Meanwhile, there were a few other spots that had their own interesting touches. Luke Hobbs Design, had a display of hand made vintage lamps that you turn on with a simple touch. Then there was Hello Sweetie Pies, a fashion of your classic flavorful pies on a stick. Things got a little messy with the watercolors workshop, but put up colorful flowers on display for everyone to see.

“I really like that all the vendors have something different to share with us and it’s all really neat,” El Monte resident Patty Rayo said. “I can’t really find some of this stuff at home.”

After sampling just about everything including chips, ice cream, pies, jams, jerky, and ginger beer, there was no more space left. So walking it all off was perfect, especially since there was plenty more to see.

The most innovative was ART-N-WORDZ. Designed by married couple Grant Rosen and Micha Kuechenhoff, their art displays an interesting play on words. They salvage old dictionary papers and lay out art on top that relates to the words. A few that were showcased was the Democratic and Republican parties, Star Wars, and Disney characters. But it was the definition that made it that more fascinating. ART-N-WORDZ has also been featured in one of LA Magazines’ “Best of LA: Top 93 Things You’ll Love to See.” It’s certainly something you have to see for yourself.

“This is my first time here at Artisanal, we were invited to come and try it,” Rosen said. “I’m glad we did, it’s really cool and there’s great people.”

From edibles to things for the home, Artisanal LA was well crafted this season. It didn’t just bring you vendors, it brought character. Characters who shape their products by who they are. Like the saying goes, “makers gonna make.”

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