In case anyone was wondering, this is PCC’s current mascot. 

Photo courtesy of David Steinman.

Larry the Lancer. 

For some colleges including UCLA, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, etc., mascots are the backbone of the school’s identity. A way to bring a campus together in a unified identity. But something about Larry’s yellow eyes and smug face is slightly terrifying which is probably why PCC never brings him out for advertising or games.

Luckily for PCC, there are plans right around the corner to introduce a new mascot to the school. Something that the college hopes will bring a better sense of unity, diversity and inclusion. 

Pasadena City College decided on a lancer 65 years ago in 1957. According to Robert Lewis, the sports information specialist, Don Rogers was the first person ever selected to wear the mascot during the 1958 football season. The original outfit was a Roman soldier dressed in full garb. Eventually this design was ditched and replaced with a caricature soft costume, the one we call Larry today.

PCC students know the school’s mascot is a lancer considering every informative school email begins with, “Hello Lancers.” But few students have actually seen how he is portrayed. 

“I had no idea our mascot looked that creepy and deranged,” PCC student Mia Benn said.

And honestly how could she? There is no media coverage on him and oddly no photos to be found on the internet. Larry used to be a more relevant character at PCC but has since been abandoned as a point of recognition. Larry does not appear to be something PCC is particularly proud of anymore which leads the school to his complete revision.

Of course the creation of the lancer was made in good spirits. A lancer is a Roman mounted warrior wielding a long spear-like weapon who represents speed and agility. While this isn’t a bad thing to have as a mascot, Larry himself poses the problem. 

“I don’t think he really is a good representative of who we are necessarily anymore. He seems a little dated and quite frankly he looks a little scary,” Director of Marketing, David Steinman said.

PCC is looking for a mascot who can be a representative of the institution and appear in videos, images and at live events. The school has been lacking this aspect which would put the school’s face forward in the community and give it something to be easily identified with. 

David Steinman talks about how having a mascot would have been great these past semesters while we resume in-person learning during this time of global pandemic. 

Having a mascot to encourage and model how to properly wear a mask would be done in a more “friendly way that felt approachable.” 

Larry also lacks the ability to properly represent the diversity at PCC. PCC is filled with a multitude of different races. According to the Pasadena City College website 48% of the students are Hispanic/latino, 26% are Asian and 4% are black/African American. Only 13% of the school falls under the white category. Larry being a white male doesn’t allow for a majority of students to relate to who is supposed to be representing them. The costume for Larry itself only covers the top part of the body leaving the arms and legs to be exposed. This limits who can even wear the mascot.

The new mascot coming PCC’s way is intended to harbor a new sense of diversity that has yet to be seen here on campus. The final details are still being finished and the new design is expected to be unveiled soon. 

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