Having dental problems is never fun and prices for any type of dental service are even worse. The PCC Dental Hygiene Clinic provides students as well as others an opportunity to get an affordable treatment.

The Dental Hygiene program prepares students to become dental hygiene specialists by not just teaching them the theory, but by also letting them apply their knowledge with hands-on experience. The senior students of the two-year program provide dental services for the public under the supervision of professionals.

Working with their patients, students are very cautious and attentive, so it’s easy to forget that they are not professionals. The only things that remind one of that fact are that patients need to go through some paperwork and their instructors check every step made by students. It’s not an inconvenient procedure; rather, it makes patients feel confident about the services they are about to receive.

The average appointment time is about two to three hours depending on the kind of treatment the patient requires. Dentists and dental hygiene specialists guide and monitor all of the students’ actions. However, the patients should be ready to go through one procedure multiple times, since the instructors are not only making sure that students did everything correctly, but they also frequently give advice and show them some new techniques.

Often, people on campus are invited to get dental services for free by PCC dental hygiene students with bright advertisement boards, so it might be confusing that there are set prices for all the treatments in the clinic. The reason for this is that oftentimes patients cancel their appointments or fail to show up, which means that some of the students will be left without a chance to practice during their class hours. That’s why a lot of students go out and invite other students to get treatment for free.

However, if the patient wants to schedule an appointment at a certain time, that person will be charged the price that might vary depending on the type of service and whether or not the patient is a PCC student.

The Dental Hygiene clinic is a good opportunity for students to get services they need for a reasonable price. For PCC students the teeth cleaning costs $10 and for the public it is $20. The patients pay during the first appointment and all subsequent appointments for that particular treatment are already included in the fees. The last scheduled appointment would be in a month since the treatment was done to make sure that the healing process goes well.

They are open on the weekdays and provide different options of hours. To make an appointment, students can call them at (626) 585-7241 or visit them in R building room 511.

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