In an effort to look for a much needed College 1 book that was sold out at the school bookstore, a student may stumble upon a Facebook group in which peers are listing books and materials at more affordable prices. With over 13,000 group members, this Facebook group has become the go-to outlet for students when it comes to buying new or used textbooks, renting rooms near campus, and even hit-and-runs in the packed parking lots. This group, a saving grace for many students, is known as the PCC Book Sale Facebook group.

It’s a given that textbooks are a necessity for students to have during their academic career; however, it is also important to note that this can leave a hole in one’s wallet. Because of this, the PCC Book Sale Facebook group was created by students, for students.

On the Facebook group, students are able to list books they no longer need at any price they’d like. Other students are able to view these listings, contact the seller, and negotiate a time and place to meet and exchange books.

“It’s a good way to get books that are in good condition without paying a lot for them,” said student Tyler Jue. “And when you sell books, you can also sell them for more than the bookstore will give you during their book buyback.”

The PCC Book Buyback is held at the end of every semester during the days of finals. Unlike the Facebook group where students can choose their own prices, books can only be sold for up to 50 percent of what they were originally bought for.

However, what was made originally for students to buy and sell used and new textbooks has turned into something much more. Today, students sell items varying from cars to laptops to dryers, making almost nothing off limits.

Apart from items being sold, the PCC Book Sale group has also become a place for students to find roommates or tenants. Once in a while a listing for a room for rent will appear.

“It makes me more comfortable knowing that people I could maybe be living with are from PCC,” said student Ashley Navarrette. “It’s a lot better than looking for an ad on Craigslist.”

Students have also been able to post any suspicious activity they see on the campus parking lots. Every week there are new posts on the page regarding hit-and-runs that students have seen. Often times, the witnesses manage to get a license plate number or a description of the vehicle.

“I think it’s good that students help each other with the hit-and-runs. It’s never happened to me, but I think it’s nice to see they look out for each other,” said student Fitria Bellinda.

In addition to posting about damaged cars, students have also used this as a platform to express their feelings over the lack of parking skills others have. One comment suggested that PCC should have a class on “how to park.”

When students aren’t posting about car related issues, advice about tutors and teachers can be seen being exchanged.

“I found out that the professor I wanted for math was always canceling class so I chose another one,” said Bellinda.

While the group helps bring attention to academic issues from time to time, it is also sometimes treated as a lost and found as well. Missing I.D. cards and driving permits are a few items among those that are posted about on a weekly basis.

The PCC Book Sale group has become an online community for those current and former students. Jokes and memes are shared among students who have probably never even met each other in real life. Advice is given, and information pertaining to the campus is shared.

In wake of the recent passing of former Lancer Gordon Yu, students took to the Facebook group to offer their condolences and inform each other of a memorial set up in one of the parking lots.

The PCC Book Sale group is just one of many different insights that one has to connect with the spirit of the campus.

“Everyone is really helpful to one another and as a new student, I think it’s a good way to show how PCC is as a community,” said student Julian Lopez. “It makes me feel happy with my choice in coming here.”

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