The long awaited journey has finally come to an end. It’s the moment that most students have been waiting for. Graduation. Decorated with big number balloons that read 2019, and a banner outside the bookstore that said “Congratulations,” tables inside that had class rings on it and various of graduation gifts, students lined up inside the Pasadena City College bookstore to pick up their cap and gowns.

With graduation just being two weeks away, it feels like you’re graduating from high school and ready to start a new chapter of your life. Whether it be transferring to a UC, or Cal State or just start working right off the bat, students are ready to get the hell out of PCC.

It feels good to leave like I’m moving on to the next thing to reach my educational goals,” said Psychology major Jasmine Aguilar. “My plans after I graduate are to transfer to Dominguez hills and start looking for possible jobs.”

Michael Watkins / Courier
The inside of the Pasadena City College bookstore is decorated with baloons and banners and assorted stuffed animals for Grad Fest on Thursday, May 30, 2019.

For some, they are first generation in their family to be graduating college. That can be a huge accomplishment for most. Just because they’re graduating from a community college doesn’t make them any less of a scholar student. Community college receive the same education that many other students receive at UC’s or Cal States. That is why for some who are the first to be graduating in their family, they choose to walk.

“I am the first generation to be graduating in my family,” said Aguilar. “I feel very proud of myself to be graduating and to be able to transfer and continue my education and to make my mom proud as well. I’m so glad to be able to graduate and I look forward to what’s coming when I transfer.”

It is an accomplishment for some to be able to get their degree or certificate and be able to seek higher education at a four year college. Some students don’t seem it necessary to walk the stage because it’s just a community college.

“It’s a bittersweet feeling but I feel relieved to finally get my goal completed and finding my path to higher education,” said Jasmine Barrios, a business administration major. “I’m transferring to Cal State LA in the fall. I am the first in my family to be graduating and I’m pushing myself to finish my goals and have everything done.

Graduation can be a scary feeling for some and for others a sigh a relief. It doesn’t matter if you were here for two years or five. Give yourself a pat in the back because you made it this far. Congrats grad you did it!

“It feels like I just started college at PCC. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot in my 3 years here, said business major Dylan Lara. “PCC made it easy to learn by hiring competent professors. I will be transferring to San Francisco State University in the fall.”

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