Joy, love, acceptance. All of these emotions were evoked Tuesday afternoon as the Queer Alliance club along with the Secular Student Alliance hosted a question and answer session with the multi-talented Deven Green.

Green is best known for her video comedy parodies and her famous character Mrs. Betty Bowers “America’s Best Christian,” created by Andrew Bradley, whose YouTube channel has over 72,000 subscribers. It’s rather ironic Green plays “America’s Best Christian,” as she was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada.

“Any documentary you’ve seen with polar bears in it, that’s where I grew up,” Green joked.

As a self-described “wolf-child,” Green detailed her life growing up in isolation.

“The first time I saw a person of color, my first thought was nothing. That’s how I knew racism is learned,” Green said.

As a gay rights activist, Green has been headlining pride parades and fighting for equality.

“I have been speaking out for gay rights for a very long time, even before I was famous,” Green said. “I saw a lot of my gay figure skating male friends having to marry women. It was devastating.”

Along with being a YouTube star and activist for human rights, Green is also a monthly advice columnist for Goliath Magazine. Green uses her wit and experience to give funny yet helpful advice. In her latest column “Well Hello. It’s Deven Green – November Edition,” she gives advice on aging, baldness, and uncertain futures we all face.

One stand out response was to a question posed by an anonymous user under the pseudonym “Popeye” regarding getting a tattoo which asked, “Dear Deven: I want a tattoo. Is it too late?”

Green responded wittingly, “I think they close at 9 p.m. No, it’s not too late. Careful about spur-of-the-moment ink though. You have lasted this long without one, so I suggest you create a temporary one first. If you still love it and want it after a month, then go for it.”

It is quick thinking and comedic skills such as this that led to the president of the Secular Student Alliance Terri Smith reaching out to Green to partake in the Q&A.

“I’m a big fan of Deven’s. She’s hilarious. A couple of years ago I friended her on Facebook, before she ran out of friend space. I thought maybe let’s give it a shot, and within a few hours she said she would love to come speak,” Smith said.

As each attendee left the room, Green asked one by one what they learned from her session. Each person took away something different, such as “we are not alone” or “being different is good,” but kept with the theme of acceptance, love, and of course, laughter.

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  1. It was a great day – thank you so much. It was my honour to meet all of you 🙂

    Please note that Betty Bowers is the creation of Andrew Bradley. He is the writer of Betty Bowers…kindly follow @BettyBowers

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