With a homemade video, rewritten lyrics, and a supportive team, all the PCC Foundation seems to do is win. For two consecutive years, actually.

Recently the PCC Foundation, an organization that raises money for scholarships, took first place for the second year in a row at the Academic Works video contest with their spin-off music video, “All We Do Is Give.”

The Foundation had also won the same contest in 2015, despite the fact that the video from last year had slightly different criteria.

“In 2015 [Academic Works] wanted a video explaining how we promote our scholarships on campus. I did a ‘homemade’ video in my office and submitted that. It was the winner,” the Foundation’s Director of Operations Kris McPeak said. “For 2016 the contest was changed to show all the ways that you promote scholarships on campus, so I submitted a full packet of information, and contacted Strategic Marketing and Communications to see if they would help us increase our production value.”

The video titled “All We Do Is Give” is a spoof of DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win.” The video explains the PCC Foundation’s mission of assisting students by providing them funds regardless of whether or not they’re athletes, band members, or employed.

Originally the song chosen was “Starships” by Nicki Minaj, but it was changed when David Steiman, the creative director of the Strategic Marketing and Communications department, suggested a spinoff of “All I Do is Win.” Once the song was changed the reworked lyrics came together in no time.

There were several PCC Foundation members actively working on the video including the Foundation’s Executive Director Bobbi Abram, Interim Development Manager Elaine Cartas, and clerk Ocie Kara-Simonyan among many others.

After finishing the new lyrics, Steiman, who also worked on the video, made his contribution by scheduling audio recording sessions and later gave a list of props and characters for the video shooting. McPeak, Cartas, and Kara-Simonyan sang the audio lyrics in the Center for The Arts Recording Studio. The shooting process took approximately six hours to complete.

Despite all of the required work for the video it was more of pleasure than a project for those producing it.

“[Winning] felt good, because we put a lot of work into it but it was really fun,” stated Kara-Simonyan

Difficult or not, the effort for “All We Do Is Give” was worth it. The video is also quickly producing benefits for the Foundation, including more exposure and the spreading of their message on the importance the Foundation to all of those who watch the video.

The Foundation isn’t the only ones benefitting from this victory. PCC itself also benefits through exposure from having many different colleges view the video during the annual Academic Works conference, thus giving PCC much well deserved recognition.

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