After battling for parking, fighting for classes, and sometimes struggling to stay awake, students at the Wi-Fi lounge found the first week of school isn’t all bad, as they enjoyed the Associated Students’ presentation of “Moana” during the “Welcome Week Movie Night.”

The movie screening was held last Thursday evening in the Wi-Fi Lounge. Although its original location was the Jameson Amphitheater, the sudden move didn’t have a negative impact on the event. The Wi-Fi Lounge was a full house with eager students waiting to release their inner Disney fanatic as they watched “Moana.”

“I liked the movie choice, it’s a nice general movie or genre that everyone likes,” music major at PCC Alisa Arredondo said. “It was smart moving it because of how cold it was but everything was good.”

The food was also agreed to be a good choice. The Associated Students provided a variety of Costco pizza and churros. Although, it was a bit of a hassle just to get a plate. There was a big cluster of students surrounding the food table and churro cart, not many volunteers were there to give direction, plates ran out, and unfortunately there was nothing to wash down the tasty food with.

Ayumi Kuriki/Courier
Associated Students provide free food before their screening of “Moana” in the Wi-Fi Lounge at PCC last Thursday.

“We need a more efficient way of getting volunteers,” vice president of Campus Activities Norman Lambert said. “Our schedules are really busy so there’s a lot of conflict and overlap with our schedules which makes it hard to get people to attend the event.”

The lack of volunteers created a bit of a problem, but it didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the rest of the night. From beginning to end of “Moana,” students were reciting the lines word for word and singing along to the tunes.

“I would come to every event like this, the timing was perfect,” PCC student Sherwin Callos said. “I brought the whole group.”

Despite a last-minute location change and lack of volunteers, the movie night had a greater turnout than expected, according to Lambert.

The “Welcome Week Movie Night” was one of the few events that the Associated Students held last week for PCC as an energizer, in order to “motivate students, make them feel at home and make sure everyone is ready” during which most students felt was a “good week” back.

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