If you are walking down the halls on the first floor of C-building and hear the sounds of wacky voices, screams and a barrage of laughter, do not be alarmed, those sounds belong to the Improv Club. If it is not them then you should probably run.

The group, which was established just a few short years ago, is led by President Justin Henrickson, who has been with the club since its existence. Henrickson, like many others, was looking for a place on campus to meet new people and have fun. Henrickson isn’t the only who shares this feeling.

“I was just looking for a place on campus to meet new people and maybe make new friends and that definitely happened,” Vice President Dylan Wright said.

The club has seen its numbers increase from the past semester by welcoming new people. You may have seen them do a little performance during club week earlier in the semester.

“[Whether] you’re here to have fun or here to have work on some acting chops if you’re an actor, we’re here,” Henrickson said.

Wright, who will be taking over as President next semester, was adamant about increasing the club’s notoriety on campus and keeping it’s “all inclusion” and also hopes to one day perform with other neighboring schools.

“During club week when students came up to us I would tell them improv is making something out of nothing,” Wright said.

While talking to many in the club, they often talked about how improv has helped them in their day-to-day lives, such as with confidence to do things that they wouldn’t before joining. The doors to C-106 are always open to students who want the chance to experience improv and the silliness and fun of the club.

“I came in here intending to just watch and then I got dragged into it which is more fun,” freshman Dirk Garcia, a new member to the club said. “Improve club has helped so much in my confidence with my friends, classes and so much more.”

The club meetings are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon in C-106 and you can often catch the group playing games at around 1 P.M. between the Shatford Library and the U building.

The club also performs throughout the farmer’s market on Sundays at the Jameson Amphitheater.

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