The sounds of bags crumpling and people that buzzed about filled the air as many lined up to receive bagged goods to take home with them. With just another year to go, student Breanna Jones smiled on as she worked to deliver food to those in need and is currently enrolled to tackle the paralegal studies program here at PCC.

“It’s kind of a big need that people don’t often think about,” she said. “Being able to provide people with the necessities they need to do well here and in their home life,” she said looking off at her fellow helpers. “It’s awesome.”

Standing behind a line of tables in the Alumni Commons, Jones helped to distribute food to those in need, but has a larger goal to one day help people on a greater scale by utilizing legal practice to help her succeed.

Through the paralegal program here at PCC, she has been working her way to achieve paralegal certification so that she could assist with legal matters under credited attorneys. For now, she has been getting experience under different means.

“I’m kind of interested in working for a firm before trying to attempt to apply for law school…this is kind of my in-between before I make that jump,” she said.

This is not her first time distributing necessities towards students. Having worked at a food pantry on a previous campus, her experience is rather expansive. The reasoning for such hits home only slightly.

“It did feel like maybe I didn’t have enough healthier things to eat at home,” she said. “Pantries providing more organic options like fruits or veggies are definitely awesome to see.”

Her choice to become apart of the paralegal career path was a relatively recent one.

“I went to school to be a screenwriter previously,” she said. “The film program [at UCSB]…didn’t really have a lot of classes that helped segue into getting into the field.”

In her current program, there are classes that are meant to not only certify but help to ease students into the terminology used within paralegal study.

Given her past studies, it begs the question for why she felt law would be the right way to go. Her smile for a moment disappeared.

“The current political climate,” she said, as she paused to gather her thoughts.. “It helped inspire me to potentially work for the good of the community.”

“Through law,” she continued, picking her chin up. “You could use [it] for the benefit of the people.”


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