Rafael Marcial is a 26-year-old student at PCC double-majoring in business and social work. He is currently working at the Los Angeles DCFS as an Intermediate Unit clerk.

“I [like] travel[ing] to universities because I’m planning on doing my masters degree in business and social work, plus I like to travel. You only get to live one life why waste it in one single place?

“I’ve traveled from Los Angeles to San Francisco to check out the universities along the way, from Oregon University, to Portland, and then Seattle, Washington to see West Washington University and the Seattle Washington University and after, I went to Vancouver. I did most of my traveling by train, boat, and bus.

“The second trip that I took early this year in January was from Los Angeles to Chicago to go and check out the University of Chicago. While there I saw the Cloud Gate, which was pretty awesome. Then I traveled to Manhattan, New York to go check out NYU. Then I traveled from Washington D.C. from N.Y. and then back to L.A. in one year.

“Every time that I travel I stay in hotels, with mostly students from other universities in the United States. It’s cheaper than staying in a hotel. I’d rather pay $36 than pay $300.

“I enjoy traveling, getting to see the United States and every time that I go to a new state, a new city, a new university, the concept of people, the quality, the environment, the feeling is different and comparing San Fran to New York City is totally different. The sunset, the sunrise, going to Washington, D.C. to go see the Abraham Lincoln monument and to touch it is different than walking on the Golden Gate bridge.

“I’m pretty obsessed when it comes to reading books. I take classes because I have to keep my mind awake otherwise I become bored and I travel instead of staying in school.

“I was a former foster kid most of my life and I participated as a big brother as a mentor for kids in Five Acres and Los Angeles THP for minors who need advice [which has] influenced me to take the path that I’m taking today.”

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