Joe Osorio is a man that is “going with the flow of life.” He hails from Ridgecrest in California’s High Desert. He played baseball for Burroughs High School and is taking some time off from sports to focus on his education, but hopes to return to baseball as either a professional player or a coach and is majoring in communications.

“I’m studying communications because I want to be able to talk to my players better, be able to understand them better. Communications is such a broad area I can expand it to almost anything.

“I also thought about being a sports broadcaster but … I am not entirely sure what I want to do just yet. I know I want to get back into baseball. I’m taking some time away from sports and focusing on school. My dad told me, ‘One thing in life they can’t take away from you is your education.’

“I’m hoping to use what I learn to have a positive impact on a kid’s life. Life gets hard and I want my players to come to me for anything. A lot of kids have to deal with the pressure to go out and party and a lot of potential gets wasted. I want my players to know that I won’t judge them. For me, my coach is my mentor, I can go to him if I have issues. I want to pass that down to another kid. Sports has had a big impact on my life. I want to be more than just a coach. I don’t expect anything in return as long as I can help in that moment. [I know] I did my job.

“If I do start playing professionally I would want to stay local and play for any team in California. I want to be able to play in front of my parents. Baseball has been a bond between me and my dad and to able to play in front of him, that would be cool.”

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