For a freshman in college, everything is different than it was in high school. New teacher, new friends — and your mom is one of the instructors. This is the case for Christian Ballas.

“It is a little embarrassing to have my mom at PCC,” said Christian Ballas, psychology/biology.

Ballas may be a little embarrassed, but he has a lot of respect for his mother. “She taught me to aspire to become an educated person,” said Ballas.

His mother, Julie Kiotas, is a psychology instructor. “It is the greatest feeling in the whole world to have my son here,” said Kiotas.

They don’t see each other a lot on campus, according to Kiotas. However, when they do, Kiotas will put her cheek out and Ballas will kiss it, according to Ballas.

“I think their relationship is good,” said Suzanne Anderson, psychology instructor, who shares an office with Kiotas.

Kiotas makes a great office mate and colleague,” said Anderson.

Ballas ended up at PCC after applying to other schools, he said. “I wasn’t happy with the schools I got into,” said Ballas. He and his mother agreed that PCC was the best choice, according to Kiotas.

“It is a great opportunity for me to chose great faculty for him,” said Kiotas.

Kiotas leaned back in her chair, put her hand on her face and paused for a few seconds. “No, there is not I would want to change about my son attending the college,” said Kiotas.

Kiotas has worked at PCC for 19 years, since 1993. At the time, Christian was only one year old. He remembers when he was 5 and an uncle brought him to visit his mom; she was giving a lecture. “This was crazy and funny seeing my mom in front off all these people,” said Ballas.

“I couldn’t do enough to repay her,” said Ballas.

Kiotas beamed when talking about her son “We have full conversations abut his classes and what’s happening with him, at anytime of the day,” said Kiotas

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