Self-Help Graphics hosted its 42nd annual Dia De Los Muertos event earlier this month that brings local printmakers together with a variety of vendors.

This year the graphic design program was invited to sell posters made by PCC’s very own students.

“Self Help Graphics’ mission is to drive the creation of new work by Chicano and Latino artists through fine art printmaking and multiple visual art forms” states the Self-Help Graphics website.

This years celebration was filled with vendors selling all types of art work celebrating the dead, arts and crafts, traditional food, live traditional musical performances, small altars, and people dressed up with their faces painted in day of the dead makeup.

At the graphics design booth, PCC students sold their art as a large group of people looked at all the prints they have to offer. Each print has a number at the bottom and once all those prints are gone, they are no longer available.

The club brings together students who have experience or have taken screen printing classes and want to create art and want to learn the different aspects of screen printing and graphic design.

Funds raised for the program are separated into three categories.

“We raise funds in parts. For the classes we use the money for supplies we need. Another part goes to the artists itself, and then another piece is going to the club to take care of expenses,” said student and club member Pricilla Hernandez.

“It’s also for like the organization or like if we have to pay for a spot at a venue,” added student and club member Abigail Franco.

The club is not only just bringing students together to create and learn how to screen print but also learn the business side of it and give them experience in the business world. Many students in the club want to learn how to print on many objects and create art but also want to make a living with their art as well.

“The classes teach you how to make the stuff and print but not really how to sell them, so that’s what we’re basically trying to do,” said Hernandez.

As with prints, they want to get clients from all over.

“We are also trying to get clients in school and outside of school, so we’re not just doing it in school or to just print to sell. But we’re reaching out to people to get experience business wise. We’re definitely taking it towards that direction,” said Hernandez.

With loud music playing all over the event, more people arrived and surrounded the graphics design booth and the students sold more of their art.

“The group environment is good and just helping the PCC students get out here and sell is good because then they are just going to be printing and taking it home, so this is good experience,” said student and club member Norbert Ngu.

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