If you’ve ever made your way up to the fourth floor of the C-building, you may have come across a door unlike any other here on campus. Reminiscent of the room of requirement from Harry Potter, this mystifying door seems to be shrouded in secrecy.

The door gives off the illusion of levitation, as its base does not even reach the ground, while the top of the door, oddly enough, touches the ceiling.  

Adding another layer of mystery to this unmarked door is the fact that it is on the complete opposite side of the hall as every other door on the fourth floor.

Kathryn Zamudio/Courier
An odd door is closed and locked on the fourth floor hallway of the C Building at Pasadena City College on Monday, March 13, 2017. The door has been a curiosity for students and faculty, as it is raised higher than most doors and is not even.

Students are left baffled as to why this door is positioned in such a peculiar way, and what could possibly be hidden behind it.

“I think it’s where custodians keep their stuff. It could be something extreme and crazy, but I think that it’s just something mundane. I think the door being placed like that was just an error,” PCC student Luis Alfaro said.

Even professors who teach down the hall from the door have no idea what could possibly be behind it.

“I’ve only been here 34 years, you’d think I would know this stuff. I think it’s the room for the lights for the sexon auditorium,” history professor Susie Ling said.

Ling made the observation that located directly to the right of the door are four electrical boxes, which could be more evidence for her prediction. The boxes were labeled “TV3,” “Electrical Panel,” and the other two were marked “Telephone Cabinet.”

Determined to get the door open, I made a trip to the Campus Police office to see what could be done. No one in the office had ever seen, let alone heard of this door.

Accompanied by the Courier’s Editor-in-Chief John Orona and Photo Editor Kathryn Zamudio, campus police escorted me to the door to finally unlock its secret.

As the door slowly creaked open, warm air and the smell of the 70s came pouring out. What was behind the door was more unusual than what anyone had predicted. There was a giant attic-like room with a few boxes of light bulbs. Although there weren’t any light switches within sight, there was a note on the door asking to please turn off all the lights. The sign looked as if it were posted around the same time the Declaration of Independence was signed, as it was stained yellow. Using iPhone flashes as flashlights, I could see there were other doors on opposite sides of the room.

Kathryn Zamudio/Courier
The Courier’s Editor-in-Chief John Orona peers into the open area behind the mysterious door on the fourth floor of the C Building at Pasadena City College on Monday, March 13, 2017.

Like a scene straight out of “Paranormal Activity,” as soon as Zamudio put the camera past the doorway, it started acting up. No matter how many times she pressed down, the camera just wouldn’t capture anything, and the flash stopped working all together.

After all the speculation surrounding this door, I had even more questions than before I knew what was within. Why was the door elevated? Why was it abandoned? Where did the other doors in the corners of the room lead to?

After the door was shut and locked again, I came across Vanessa Schulz from the Social Sciences department, who seemed to be the only person on the entire fourth floor of the C-building. Schulz knew all about the door, and had more insight as to what the giant room was previously used for.

“It used to be labs, but they’re water damaged, so you can’t use them anymore,” Schulz said.

She explained the other doors in the room led to different parts of the fourth floor of the C-building and there were several different entrances to the room.

Although the door has been opened and I have peered inside, I still feel like there is more to this room than meets the eye.

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