Among the Office of Student Life (OSL), lies the office of Associated Students (AS) where the AS board come to work on their projects, talk to students about issues on campus, or meet with Natalie Lau, former VP of Public Relations and current Strategic and Planning marketing intern. Though the title may sound intimidating, it is simply another way to say “Social Media” intern, the person behind publicizing events on campus.

This position, though relatively new, is exactly the task Lau needed after officially switching her major to Communications and wanting to continue working within the OSL.

“There are no guideline or rules. I’m essentially bringing this from the ground up,” said Lau.“This year at Pasadena City College (PCC) is the year I didn’t realize I needed.”

Lau was set to transfer this year but after working alongside her public relations committee last year in AS, Lau realized that staying at PCC would be more beneficial for her.

“This school became my second home, the people that I work with became my friends,” said Lau. “There is so much more that I can give to this campus.”

Although Lau’s time being VP of Public Relations is over, her time at PCC is not. In realizing this, Lau decided to become involved on campus again, focusing on what she loves most, public relations and marketing.

Mandie Montes/Courier
Fliers created by Natalie Lau sitting on her desk on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at Pasadena City College.

Public relations has various different meanings, but for Lau it simply means communicating with students, first and foremost.

“Communication is more than presence online or a flier. It’s about going out there and approaching students and talking to them,” said Lau.

During Club Rush, Lau went out and introduced herself on campus to establish a connection between the OSL and students. Her focus is to let students know that she is there to help them out.

Navigating social media can seem daunting, especially as a student. Yet, for the amount of stress publicizing an event may cause, there are always people behind the scenes diligently working together to ensure that the best information gets disseminated among everyone.

“It’s not just about building my own communications but [having] the ability to communicate with others,” said Lau.

For Lau, communication is about building a community, whether that be through a committee or hands on events. Ensuring students that they can reach out to her is what being a social media intern is about.

“I want to communicate with students and help them,” said Lau.

The difference between being part of AS and an intern is the amount of people involved in a project. Though Lau is in a new position around a different AS board, she still feels welcomed among the OSL.

“I enjoy being here because I can create new relationships and maintain my old relationships as well,” said Lau. “The person I came in when I was on the AS board is not the person I am now.”

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